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40 Fabulous Things to Know About Thrift Shopping

Officially became a member of the fabulous and forty club yesterday. I was inspired to share 40 things you should know about thrift shopping -- why you should, how to, where to, and what to buy!

40 fabulous thrift shopping tips

Why You Should Thrift Shop

  1. It's good for the environment. Textile trash is 13 million tons per year.
  2. You can find quality clothing really cheap.
  3. Every style imaginable can be found secondhand.
  4. Someone else's trash could be your treasure.
  5. It's an awesome feeling hunting and finding the good stuff.
  6. You become part of a community. There's a whole "thrifting" language!
  7. You can resell merchandise and make a profit.
  8. Trends repeat and you will likely find your "it".
  9. Good karma. Some thrift stores support charitable organizations.
  10. Great way to discover your own personal style.
vintage maxi skirt

How to Thrift Shop

  1. Bring your patience. 
  2. Shop off peak times if you're new. During the daytime on weekdays are less busy.
  3. Go often. 
  4. Join the mailing list of all the stores you visit.
  5. Shop on sale days for more savings. 
  6. Thrift with a friend.
  7. Ignore size labels. Try it on.
  8. Inspect your finds thoroughly before purchasing. Returns are not always accepted.
  9. If you like it, put it in your cart. It's usually a one of kind item.
  10. Carry cash. Credit is not always excepted.
thrift shopping basics

Where to Thrift Shop

  1. Start with your local charity shop like Goodwill or Salvation Army.
  2. Savers are usually clean and well organized and packed with brands you recognize.
  3. Don't forget to check those estate sales out!
  4. Gsalr.com will find garage sales near your location. 
  5. Attend or throw your own swap party.
  6. eBay always has it.
  7. Vintage lovers can check out Etsy.
  8. If you tag #thrifting on Instagram, online sellers will follow you.
  9. Now plugging The Thriftanista Closet where you can find an affordably priced curated selection. 
  10. Visit the The Thrift Shopper or FB groups like Thriftanista Social Club and Thrifting Atlanta to find hidden gems in your area.
fabulous forty

What You Should Thrift Score

  1. Designer bags like Louis Vuitton, Prada, and Bottega Veneta.
  2. Culottes,  rompers and other oddities.
  3. Your perfect jeans.
  4. Vintage clothes and accessories.
  5. Costume jewelry because they are abundant.
  6. Midi skirts and every trend imaginable.
  7. Sequins in all colors and sizes.
  8. The wardrobe basics.
  9. Supplies for diy and refashion projects.
  10. Thrift store shoes even new or nearly new Tory Burch.
thrift shopping rules

I'm wearing a couple of my favorite thrift finds -- a vintage maxi skirt from Salvation Army. I've worn it thrice now on the blog in the short time I've had it. I received so many compliments on it yesterday while waiting in line for an estate sale. Yes, that was my birthday fun!

Purchased 3 pairs of Ferragamo shoes. Look for those in The Thriftanista Closet real soon. 

Have a great weekend!

thriftanista in the city


Whitney 'Nic' James said...

Happy belated birthday! Love the lists, and your outfit is fabulous. The bracelet is really nice!


Style & Poise said...

Give me that skirt!! Gorge and what a great list of thrifting tips!!


FabEllis said...

Fabulous list! I love it! Happy Birthday again!

Terri. said...

I love the skirt. Thank you for sharing all your great tips.

Yona Williams said...

I love going to a thrift shop...I have gotten so many beautiful dresses that I can constant comments on from a thrift shop...and sometimes..it's the only place I can find jeans that truly fit - it's like finding a gently worn half-size.

popcosmo said...

Love #7 and wish I could find #1!!!

Unknown said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!! I love going to a thrift shop for clothes..So much fun to be had..I love how the skirt looks on you so colourful :)

Unknown said...

Welcome to the fabulous forties! I love your tips. I shop regularly at Thrift stores and sometimes I do very well but other times I feel very discouraged. Haven't yet found my go to place but I enjoy looking!

Shannon said...

I love going to thrift stores. I love that skirt on you! So pretty!

Jasmine P said...

Love this post! I think thrift shopping is great!

Jasmine P

Ashleigh said...

I love thrifting! It's my favorite thing in the world.

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