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$20 Thrift Haul: This or That?

Like a lot of Thriftanistas, I have my thrift store maximum. It's rare for me to actually stick to my thrift store budget of $20. Besides, times have changed. $20 isn't what it used to be out in the thrift streets.

thrifted bottega veneta clutch from estate sale $20

There are still good deals but sometimes you have to make decisions. Should I buy this or that? At a recent estate sale adventure, I spotted an oversized clutch a portfolio. I looked inside and discovered it was Bottega Veneta - a luxury italian brand! It was $20! These bags are in the $1,000+ range. Nice portfolio but with $20, I can buy:

Two gold stretchy belts. One with sequins and one with cute little flower buckle. Those are only $2 a piece.

thrifted gold stretchy belts one with sequins and one with flowers

I could also throw in two Judith Leiber wallets. You may remember her jewel encrusted cupcake purse from the Sex and the City movie. She's known for the sparkle! These little wallets are in the $30+ range on eBay and they're so dainty and cute. I paid $3 for the pair and I still have more in my thrift budget.

thrifted judith leiber wallets from an estate sale

Enough to buy a reversible leather clutch. Metallic bronze on one side and white on the other. Two purses in one and only $3 from Goodwill.

thrifted goodwill clutch

No thrift haul is worth a damn without some animal print thrown in. An animal print leather mini bag fits the bill. It can hold my keys or my cell phone so I do mean mini but so cute and hard to resist at $1.

thrifted mini bag with tiger print leather

How about shoes? Yes, I can get a pair of Seychelles wood heel loafers from Unique Thrift Store adding $3 to my tab.

seychelles wood heel oxford shoes

I still have $6. That's just enough for a vintage leather jacket marked down for missing a button but guess what? The extra button is still attached inside just have to sew it on, baby.

vintage leather jacket

Which would you choose? The $20 Bottega Veneta or the other? I chose both. What can I say? I'm weak.


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