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DIY African Print Fabric Bracelets

One of the things I constantly run into when buying jewelry is that bangle style bracelets never fit my wrists. I have tried to make it work with the ones I've collected over the years from thrift stores. It's not working. They just hang down awkwardly on my hand and get in the way. I'm also deeply in love with African print fabric and I have a ton in my stash. In a win win for fashion and functionality, I made bracelets that are pliable and don't fall down into my hand.

african print bracelets diy tutorial

It is the season of giving, so I would suggest making a few for you and a few to give as gifts. If you don't have a stash of fabric, you can repurpose old clothes, drapes, sheets, etc.

ankara print bracelets

DIY African Print Bracelets

leather cording
scissors / rotary cutter
bobby pin
fabric glue (optional)

dashiki african print diy ideas
Step 1: Cut fabric strips 2" wide. I highly recommend cutting on the bias (diagonally) to give the fabric more stretch to hug the curves of the cording. It's a bit more fussy but the fabric will lay better.

diy fabric bracelets
Step 2: Hide raw threads by folding them inward toward each other. Iron in place.

diy gift ideas
Step 3: Measure around wrist just about thumb joint. Double that amount and cut cording. Fashion cord into a circle looped twice.

diy bracelet ideas
Step 4: While holding loops together, roll fabric around the entire bracelet with a slight overlap of each roll. I didn't use glue but if you want a little extra stability, you can dab a bit of glue every few rolls.

diy bracelet made with fabric and cording
Step 5: Once you've rolled over where you began, fold fabric to a point and cut tail end off. You should end up with about an 1" of fabric sticking out.

leather cording and fabric bracelets
Step 6: Tuck that piece inside of one of the rolls using the bobby pin. I bought a bag of metal assortments that turned out to be just the right tool to use. A bobby pin should work fine. A sewing needle would be risky causing damage to fingers and fabric so it is not reccommended. Done!

diy holiday gift ideas

Do you give diy gifts during the holidays?

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