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DIY Ankara Button Earrings

Since cutting my hair, I have a new love of circle earrings. The ankara fabric gives a nice pop of color. I have small ones and large ones but I've found the medium size to be just right for my ears. Button covers make these earrings easy and very quick to make.

diy fabric earrings


Vintage Levi's From the Boys Rack

Levi's jeans are a classic. Over the thrift years, I've found that the vintage ones tend to fit a straighter less curvaceous body type. Which I am not. I have to go up at least two to get them over the hips. Then there's a huge gap at the waist. While checking the boys section for misplaced strays, I found a pair of Levi's that had a great crop length on my short legs. In addition to a nice cropped length, they have a good waist to hip ratio. Now I am a fan.

Thrift style fashion featuring vintage boys Levi's jeans and oversized Cannisse Sweater Coat.


Thank Marie Kondo for An Amazing Thrift Haul

The beginning of the year is always a good old thrift time. Folks are cleaning and clearing. Getting rid of the old junk to make room for the new Christmas swag. Marie Kondo comes along with a whole binge worthy Netflix series about decluttering and the thrift stores have have been jumping ever since!


I haven't watched Tidying Up with Marie Kondo and I probably won't. Do I need to tidy up? Yes? Am I going to binge out on neatness and order? No. However, I am grateful for the effect it is having on the thrift stores though. January was very fruitful. These are a few of my favorites from January and why I think they were donated.

Kate Spade Emma Flats
They look like someone wore them around the house. Decided they weren't going to work and put them in the back of the closet. In the box. Pristine condition. Retail $198


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