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Muumuu to Maxi Dress Refashion

You definitely should not make a habit of buying thrift store clothes that don't fit properly. Since I sell a lot of what I find, I don't try things on in the store anymore. I picked up a vintage muumuu dress in Palm Springs not knowing if it fit or not because it's fish fabric. You can't so no to a fish dress. I ended up having to downsize and refashion into a simple maxi dress.

Refashion and downsizing of a vintage thrift store muumuu to a chic summer off the shoulder maxi dress.


Vintage Floral Duster Find That Makes Me Feel Like A Golden Girl

I am so in love with one of my latest thrift finds. I found a vintage floral duster while I was in Palm Springs. It's bright and colorful. Long and cozy. It's light enough for summer wear and keeps the air conditioner chill away. I wore it to brunch and felt like one of the Golden Girls in my pastel colored ensemble.

thrift fashion

Besides the long length on the coat, I love the huge pockets that can hold all weekend essentials -- sunglasses and keys.


Top 10 Favorite Thrift Store Flips

There are some thrift store pieces that really capture my heart. Either I wanted them for myself and it wasn't a good fit for me or my lifestyle or I knew that someone else would love it and I must get it in that persons hands. The past month has been fruitful with fun little gems that also turned a decent profit on eBay, Poshmark, or Etsy. These are my recent favorites that found new homes.

1. The denim jumpsuit I thrifted in Florida. I wore it once and then it sold.
flipping thrift store finds on ebay, poshmark, and etsy

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