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How to Dye a Blah Beige Thrift Store Leather Bag

I can't resist leather bags at the thrift store. Quality leather for $5? Can't beat that with a bat. However, not everything is my style so I have to make some changes. Dyeing leather is a pretty simple DIY fix.

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I love Kooba purses and was excited to spot one at the thrift recently. The color was not to my liking though. Blah beige off white colorless tones just don't work for me in a bag. I had some leftover leather dye from a diy project gone wrong so I decided to experiment and dyed my new to me Kooba crossbody bag.

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Oddly enough my dye color is called beige. I ordered it online hoping it would match for a re-dye of some sandals I thrifted last year. It was not. Since it was just there, I tried it on the bag and was pleasantly surprised to see the bag turn a yellowish color. It's kind of a bright wheat color. It's not my first choice for a bag color but I think it's much better than blah beige.

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Step 1: Gather supplies needed include leather dye, gloves, and something to cover the work area. I used a plastic bag. Sidenote: I cleaned the bag beforehand with dish soap and water mix. Step 2: I removed the strap and worked on that first. Step 3: Applying the dye is super fun. I used the little ball swab that came with the dye but a bigger sponge would probably have gotten the job done faster and more even. I used a cotton swab to get into the small crevices. Step 4: Allow to dry then apply a second coat if needed. I did two coats. Step 5: Use alcohol to remove dye from the hardware (I skipped this step because the front plate was a little discolored. Now it's all one color.) Step 6: Buff and condition so the excess dye doesn't bleed onto clothes.

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The bag looks great with my Cuddl Duds Long Sleeve V-Neck top and black leggings. Pulled a kimono on, comfortable booties, and the bag which holds all my dog walking essentials and I'm off.

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What I Wore: Cuddl Duds top (c/o Cuddl Duds) - Lysse leggings (Amazon) - Rag & Bone booties (thrift store) - TryB kimono (thrift store) - Kooba bag (thrift store)

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