Thriftanista in the City

End of Summer Thrift Haul

We're approaching the end of summer and I am still thrifting hot weather clothes. I should probably focus on how I'm going to store all of the great treasures I've found the past 3 months. With this thrift haul, I didn't spend as much as I did at Unclaimed Baggage but I was a little bit over budget spending $36. Retail value was over $200 though.


I've had army jacket on my thrift wishlist for a while and finally found one in an extra short. It was absolutely meant to be. I've spotted army jackets before but the arm length is always super long.


DIY Pick a Pocket

There comes a time in every thriftanista's life when she has to pick a pocket or two. Pockets are easy to remove and can be just the minor change to transform the look of a piece. The orange maxi skirt went from sporty to casual cool. The pocket on this dress was just disrespectful so it had to go.


Thrift Style Fashion Thing

My 80's denim skirt is broken in and comfortable with fun details like a faux front pocket and a metal designer tag. It sits high on the waist with a long zip fly. ''Fashion is what people tell you to wear. Style is what comes from your own inner thing.''


I happened upon the quote in researching info about the 80s vintage skirt. The words are Pauline Trigère and the skirt is Trigère Sport for Schrader.  It speaks to my own style "inner thing".

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