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Goddess Vintage Dress With Glam Casual Style

I feel like a glam goddess in this 70s vintage single draped sleeve column dress. It has some pretty dramatic details packaged in a rainbow of colored diagonal stripes. I like to ask myself where I'll wear a piece before I commit to buy. I couldn't imagine beyond a Saturday night party time dress but it turns out it is very wearable as an everyday look.

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How to Celebrate National Thrift Shop Day

That moth ball smell. That new rack coming to the floor. Collecting and separating your thrift store finds. Spending hours shuffling through clothes from several decades. It's all a apart of the fun that is thrift shopping. This is our day! What treasures will you discover?

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A Vintage Peasant Dress To Hide the Boob Sweat

I love uncovering thrift store diamonds and then rediscovering those gems in the ruff that is my closet. The peasant dress hasn't received any love from me this entire summer. It's cute and breezy but me and white clothes just don't mix. I ended the day with a lipstick smudge and bits of my dinner dotting the front. This one may be headed for a dye job pretty soon.

vintage Mexican peasant dress from travel thrift trip to Monkies in Austin, TX

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