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Obsessed With Black Turtlenecks and Vintage Culottes

I have a black turtleneck obsession. It's my favorite winter accessory this year. The neck coverage is greatly appreciated and black matches all the things. It's an essential basic when you have a closet full of wacky prints and colors.

thrift style in black turtleneck and vintage culottes


New Year, Best You: 5 Tips to Get Fitness Routine Back On Track

I am a work in progress forever and always. My fitness journey has ups and downs. The holidays were particularly hard but I'm getting back on track and sharing tips that are helping me. This post is sponsored by Dannon Oikos -- my snack choice for the new year. I hope you will be inspired.

new year best you: 5 tips to get fitness routine back on track

Last year, I managed to keep up with my exercise routine.  I do at least 60 minutes of sweaty movement per day. I can count on my one hand the number of times I actually missed a workout. I did it even though it's still one of my least favorite activities. I tolerated it for the greater good. I want a healthy, hot body.


Vintage Dress to Top Chop

I'm still chiseling away at my overstuffed closets. I have a few donation piles. I'm slowly listing on Poshmark. I'm also doing some makeovers. Last week, it was the jewelry. I'm still not done but I'm making progress.

This week, I discovered a long forgotten vintage thrift store find - a blue and black shimmery polyester dream. I made a cut and turned it into a top.

refashion thrift store clothes

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