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Do's and Don'ts of Buying Secondhand Designer Purses

I was able to find two designer purses for approximately $20 in my last thrift haul. I'm very pleased with my purchases as they were both high quality and affordable. Handbags are that essential accessory that you absolutely should splurge on. I don't go anywhere without my purse. I carry the same bag practically everyday. It's totally worth paying more for but why do that when you can find a great purse for less in a thrift store.

secondhand designer purses


DIY Tibi Inspired Feather Mules

When the thrift store gives you a great pair of shoes that aren't quite your cup of tea, you make feather mules. You can absolutely use other trims too but feathers are easy and the trend du jour. Mine are inspired by $450 Tibi Bee Feather Mules.

feather mules diy


How To Stay Warm and Cute in Winter Layers

Coming from Chicago, I'm use to abandoning all attempts at cuteness for the sake of complete warmth and comfort while sloshing through dirty snow and fighting sharp wind gusts. I really cannot complain about the cold snap we had a few days ago here in Atlanta. This weekend brewed up some of the coldest weather I've experienced since moving here. It wasn't a Windy City situation but still pretty breezy. I managed to pull together a layered up winter look with thrifted pieces that didn't sacrifice style or comfort.

thrift store coats

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