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Thrifted Outfit // Denim and DVF

I was excited to rock a denim on denim look with DVF ankle boots. I went outside thinking I was dressing for a crisp fall day but it turned into a sunny and warmish day. I haven't worn the Zara top since the beginning of spring. It was an impulse buy from a trip to Miami.

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DIY Ugly Thrift Store Find to Asymmetrical Wrap Skirt

I bought a thrift store skirt even though it was a firm "no way girl" at the thrift store mirror. One of the advanced age thriftanistas unapologetically told me "it was unflattering to my figure". I liked the fruit bouquet embroidered patch so I bought it anyway. It was a too big elastic waist skirt and now it's a fitted asymmetrical wrap skirt.

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Thrifted Outfit // Vintage Plaid + Leather Panel Leggings

I have made peace with leggings as pants. They are comfortable. They are cozy. They are not pants but I'm ok with that. I don't normally go for thrift store leggings as they are likely thin ones in poor condition. I thrifted a pair with leather panels. Thus, giving them pant like qualities. I decided they were worth the $1 I paid for them.

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