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How to Drink Water When You Really Want Cocktails

This post is sponsored by Perrier® Sparkling Natural Mineral Water but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

One of my biggest struggles in this healthier living journey has been increasing water consumption and decreasing the wine and cocktails. With all of the festivals, concerts, and outdoor gatherings it's hard to focus on my water and step away from sugary cocktails. My libations before healthy journey were coffee and wine. I never drank water. Never. Now I'm doing at least eight cups a day.

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15 African Print Fashion DIYs to Try

I am a big fan of the colorful patterns and styles that african print fabrics come in. It's so versatile and has many uses including clothing, jewelry, home decor and more. I have to say there was a time when I was afraid to cut into it because I didn't want to muck it up.  Over the years, I've learned that it's a very forgiving fabric that's easy to work with. The natural fibers cut well and sew up easily. Also, the prints are very affordable.

dashiki maxi dress


How To Give Life to Beat Up Thrift Store Jumpsuit

As you can probably guess, I thrifted this jumpsuit for the dramatic ruffled shoulders. It was missing one of the back lace up ties and there was some damage to the pant leg. I did a little surgery and removed some length thus cutting away the holes and shortening the length. I used pieces of the cut pant leg to make another tie.

thrift style

I considered just removing the other tie but there was high probability of it falling down. The laces keep the bodice in place. Also, they're more interesting than open back, no?

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