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8 Ways to Connect With Your Inner French Fille

Paris has long been on my list of cities to visit. I'm a big fan of the cheese, wine, and fashion of the City of Lights that's why I'm excited to partner with Atout France, Lancôme, and Perrier-Jouët to share the "Show You Paris" sweepstakes and ways you can tap into your inner french girl.


Bright Pink Silk Thrift Store Find

I found a thrift store so good that I did not want to tell anyone about it. It was small, clean and fairly priced. There was a nice designer section that was higher priced but still way below retail. Most of it with tags still attached. I heard the thrift angels sing when I turned to leave the store and spotted a mannequin wearing this vibrant pink Amanda Uprichard top. I quickly removed it and added it to my pile.

pink silk thrift store find


Ugly Vintage Bird Dress Refashion

Sometimes you like something and can't understand why then you bring it home and realize that it's not going to work. At all. That's how I feel about this dress. The length is all wrong for me and it's very schoolmarm - high neck and unflattering hemline. It's soft and comfortable though and I really liked the birds. I bought it because of the birds. I thought they were cute. I've decided to keep the birds but get rid of most of the dress by chopping it down to a little flirty skirt.

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