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Top 10 Thrift Store Finds of 2018

Absolutely did not do a lot of blogging this year but I have spent more time in thrift stores. Adding some extra change to the pockets and helping people find their "it" has been my focus. Most of my favorites have sold. I had some 'le sigh hoarder' moments but I've learned to keep it moving. I can't keep it all and money is nice.

These were my absolute favorite thrift store finds of 2018:

The armadillo bag is definitely the uglies on my list. It's one of those vintage pieces that you just have to check off as having thrifted.

armadillo bag


Quick and Simple Passion Fruit Cocktails

The simplest way to make cocktails at home is with juice and your favorite spirit. I'm likely to always have juice on hand as Violet is a connoisseur. We usually keep the bar stocked with spirits too. Together they make the perfect cocktail combination.

Thanks to Welch's for sponsoring today's post and rocking my world with the refrigerated tropical fruit blends juices. I was able to mix up three simple passion fruit cocktail concoctions.


The Surprising Things I've Sold on eBay and Poshmark

I have been a little bit preoccupied with cleaning my closet and making some extra cash lately. Earlier this year, I started going hard on Poshmark. I stopped doing all other social media and put my time into snapping photos, writing descriptions, listing and sharing on Poshmark. It's such a temperamental and needy app. I burned out and I decided to hop back on to old faithful -- eBay. That set in motion a streak of sales that's kept me on the resell train for the past few months.

The things that are selling best for me are items I've already had in my closet. They weren't bought specifically to sell. Like most thrifters, I accumulate a lot of stuff. It's hard to leave a good find behind. I always think I can find someone who will want it. eBay and Poshmark are helping me find those people.  I can wipe away the tears of losing some of my favorite thrift treasures with the money I have in hand.

Here's a peek at some of my recent sales. These are the one that I found most surprising.

Animal print stirrup catsuit
It never really left my closet since the initial try on. This is one of those items that I surely undervalued. It sold within an hour of listing. If you have 80s spandex in your closet doing nothing take it to eBay. They're a hot item.

 vintage catsuit

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