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5 Style & Beauty Hacks for Summer

Thanks to P&G for sponsoring today's summertime hacks discussion. Opinions are my own.

I like the quick and easy approach to life. I take a shortcut whenever possible. Style and beauty DIYs are not an exception. I like to keep things simple yet fresh and functional for my life. Here are some hacks I've been using all summer.

5 style and beauty hacks for summer

How to Shop Online When Thrift Stores Aren't Enough

One of the great benefits of weight loss is the amount of clothes shopping that has to be done to fit the new physique. I am having a ball. I need new everything from undergarments to dresses so I graciously thank Octer for sponsoring today's discussion. Opinions are my own.

how to shop online like you're in a thrift store

Thrift Store Outfits // Crop Top + Vintage Wrap Skirt

Remember when I bought a $7 crop top at the thrift? I was quite irked about that. It's overpriced for thrift store Rue 21. I'll have to look at my price tags a little more closely next time. I assumed all the tops were in the $3 - $4 range. 

thrift store outfits

It's a summer wardrobe builder for me. I'm always deficient in the easy on easy off pieces. The print is nice and it will match everything so $7 is not a totally unreasonable price.  But still. I'm not used to paying so much for such a basic piece.