Thriftanista in the City

DIY Heel Tip Repair

Here's how it goes for me when I have shoes that need to be repaired. Search for a cobbler online. Go take shoes to him. Ride around in search of an ATM because they don't take cards in this mom and pop shop. Take shoes back to cobbler. Pay $20. Wait about three days plus some extra days for me to find time to circle back to the cobbler which always seems be out of the way. Replacing heel tips at home saves time and money.

heel tip repair

Why Mom Jeans Are My Jam

Remember how I raved about finding low rise jeans that work for me? That moment has passed. I've lost some inches since then and had to thrift store hunt for replacements. My search led me back to deep love and acceptance of mom jeans.

mom jeans from the thrift store

Donate a Bag for Earth Day

Thanks to Schoola for making this sponsored post possible by suppling me with a generous, earth friendly gift. Today is Earth Day and it's a good reminder to be kind to the earth. A great way to do that is to donate gently used clothes instead of throwing them away.

donate a bag of clothes for Earth Day

Earth Day was established to raise awareness of the environmental movement. We can all pitch in by doing the best we can. I personally struggle with living a more green life when so many other causes and day to day life competing for my attention. The one thing that can be done that doesn’t take a lot of time or effort is to donate unused clothes. Americans send 10.5 million tons of clothing to landfills every year