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8 Tips to Sell Your Poshmark Closet Like A Boss

Like a lot of thrifters, I accumulate a lot of stuff. When I gather up the energy to prune the closet, I always find great items that I can sell so I bundle those pieces all together in another area of the closet to be photographed and listed on Poshmark. I was doing eBay back in the day but I liked how similar Poshmark was to the social media tools I already use.

It's a lot of work though and frankly the millennial process is a bit confusing to my Gen X brain which is why I popped into a Poshnation event when it came to Atlanta.

photo credit: Poshmark


Mom 'Fit Heavy Rotation | Chunky Sweaters and Block Heels

I love to switch it up often with my wardrobe but I tend to fall into a comfortable rhythm during hectic schedules. Looking my best is something I do for me. Getting dressed is a part of my me time. Sometimes it's a long and well planned activity. Most days, I need to keep it short. Having a mom 'fit that I fall back on makes things a lot easier.

thrift style featuring chunky sweater and ferragamo block heels

I've been wearing the heck out of chunky sweaters, jeans and block heels. It's simple and comfortable. I feel pulled together without having to put a lot of thought into it.


Safe Secure Style for Your Camera

I lost my camera in a hookah lounge and now I take extra care when it comes to keeping my Nikon safe, secure, and cloaked in thrift style.

I have a camera bag but it's basic black and pretty utilitarian. For a bit of fun, I carry my camera in a large purse instead. Thrift stores are a wonderful source for stylish handbags at a fraction of the original cost. Oilily bags will set you back $75 - $100 retail but I found this brand new one for $10. I I thought it would make a great camera bag and two years later that's what it is.

turning a purse into a camera bag

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