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How to Make a Reversible Turban

I'm a big fan of turban wearing. You throw one on and hair styling struggles disappear. It can be your hat on a cold day. It can get you out the house faster when you wake up with bedhead and you to take the dog out and get the kid ready for school drop off. It's a stylish and unique accessory when you're feeling a bit eccentric.

reversible turban tutorial

If you'd like to get your old lady chic on, I have a simple turban tutorial that can give you two styles for the work of one! I made one with a satiny classic black side and a colorful floral kanga african print on the other side. This is a fast and super simple diy with only two seams to sew. I'm already thinking about other color options to make. I plan to go high drama with purple velvet and a hot pink satin for the next one.


5 Non Gross Lingerie Pieces to Thrift

I took a very unscientific Instagram stories poll asking whether or not people thrifted or wore thrift store lingerie. I was amazed to discover that 65% were a no. I follow and have a lot of thriftanista followers so I was a little shocked by the number. I guess thrifters draw the line at underthings.

I love buying secondhand lingerie for the unique vintage styles and the budget friendliness of the pieces. Lingerie also has the ability to add depth and transform the outfits you wear outside of the house. Not all thrift store lingerie is gross.

Nightgowns can be dresses. I love dainty vintage Vanity Fair style nightgowns. The one I'm wearing is pretty enough for outside wear. The skirt flares out full and twirly. I want to throw on jeans and flat and get in on the dress with jeans trend.

vintage lingerie from thrift store


DIY Leather Kangaroo Pocket

Goodwill gods blessed me with a bold and beautiful silk shell top. The awesomely vibrant print drew me to it but I wasn't too crazy about how the sleeves were hanging. I had planned to do a little chop job on it but ended up adding a leather kangaroo pouch. Pockets are always a good idea.

diy leather kangaroo pocket for tops

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