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How to Upsize A Vintage Maxi Skirt

I'm a sucker for a good vintage print. I was dazzled by the brightly colored psychedelic skirt even though the waistband was made to fit Barbie's waist. I knew it was coming home with me whether it fit or not. Of course, it didn't fit. It was pretty easy to upsize though.

upsize a vintage maxi skirt

Once I figured out the skirt wouldn't fit, I thought it would make a great top. I really liked it as a maxi skirt though plus I was able to find enough hidden fabric to actually keep the design pretty true to the original. Here's how I did it.

remove darts and waistband of small skirt

How to Upsize a Too Small Skirt

rework vintage maxi skirt

Supplies: thrift store skirt, seam ripper, scissors, sewing machine

Instructions: 1. Remove the waistband. I used my trusty seam ripper to take off the waistband and the zipper. I could only get it halfway up anyway.

thrift store refashion

2. Create more room in skirt. I wanted to make it a wrap skirt because easy peasy so I removed the back darts and cut the skirt open in front and a little to the side right on the pleat detail.

rework vintage skirt

3. Use the waistband to create ties. Since I removed the zipper and sewed the opening closed, I needed a way to keep the skirt on. I cut the waistband in half and created two ties. I attached them by opening up a side seam and cutting into the side pleat.

refashion thrift skirt

4. Finish raw edges. The skirt no longer had a waistband so I just folded the top edge down and sewed it in place. I wanted a longer length so I took out the bottom hem too.

thrift style

Most people will say don't buy things that are too small. Clothes that are too big can usually be taken in to fit. Buying something too small is setting yourself up for disaster but if it has darts, pleats, or gathers you can usually add a little room by releasing or opening up those design features.

This maxi skirt is a prime example. It had darts in back and large folds of fabric in front. I could have even created a waistband with some of the bottom hem fabric but that would be time consuming. I don't have time for that. A wrap maxi skirt works just fine plus I a risque side split.

thrift store outfitsWhat I Wore: fringe sleeve bodysuit (ASOS) - Lanz Originals vintage maxi skirt (thrift store) - Joe's Jeans pumps (Amazon) - earrings (Jasmin Mitchell Jewelry)

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