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DIY Men's Shirt to Tunic Top

I love to wear my husband's button down shirts. They're so cozy and perfect to wrap up in. Let's not forget Rhianna rocked one with a belt and heels and turned it into a fashion statement. They're a very versatile piece. Not to mention the durable quality that seems to be a standard in men's clothing.

I picked up one of my very own during my last thrift trip then I refashioned it to make it more of a relaxed tunic to fit my everyday style.

diy men's button up shirt into a tunic top

Men's button up shirts are the perfect length (on me) to wear with leggings or skinny jeans. They're fine as is but I took in some of the bagginess and ditched the collar. Now I don't have to fiddle with buttons. I can just pull it on right over my head.

thrift store clothes refashion

Men's Shirt to Tunic top

button up shirt
matching thread
double fold bias tape*
sewing machine

*I made my own tape using a tutorial from the Seasoned Homemaker. It's a very detailed tutorial. I urge you to purchase the store bought kind for the fast and easy option. Making bias tape is tedious!

refashion a men's shirt into a tunic top


Step 1: Button shirt up. Using a shirt you own as a template, cut a new neckline. Sandwich new neckline between the double fold bias tape. Sew in place.
diy button up shirt

Step 2: Taking in the side seams and sleeves is optional. I wanted it to fit exactly like one of my dashikis so I used it as a template too. Pin an outline and sew in place.
refashion a man's shirt into a tunic

Step 3: Also optional, cutting the sleeves off. I could have just rolled the sleeve up but I didn't want all of the fabric to fuss with. Cropping the sleeves makes a much better relaxed fold up. Turn up the raw edge and sew a hem.

Are you a fan of men's button up shirts?

ankara print head scarf with matching tunic trim
What I Wore: Kenneth Cole button up shirt (thrift store) - Gap jeans (thrift store) - Seychelles pumps (Amazon) - vintage earrings (estate sale) - headscarf (fabric from Uganda)

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