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DIY Kimono Jacket

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I am truly in love with my new kimono. It's a piece that I'll be able to wear all year.  I can belt it and wear it as a dress or a lightweight coat. There's enough room to pile on layers in cooler months. I can use as a beach coverup when summer rolls around again. There are many options with a kimono jacket.

diy kimono jacket

DIY African Batik Print Kimono Jacket

3 yards fabric
matching thread
sewing machine

1. Cut fabric as shown. (2) 27" x 12" rectangles for sleeves, (1) 90" x 22" rectangle for body, and (1) 66¼" x 5" rectangle for the neckband.

fabric needed and layout for sewing a kimono

2. Mark kimono body. On wrong side of fabric, mark center front and center front by folding body lengthwise. Mark shoulder line by folding in half crosswise.

center front markings for kimono body

3. Establish neckline by marking 3" away from center on shoulder line. Mark 10" below shoulder on center front. Connect the marks and add some curve to the center back neckline marking. Open up the body front by cutting along center front line and around neckline following the line of markings.

4. Attach the neckband. First establish center back by folding neckband and marking. Mark shoulders 4⅜" away from center back line. Match center back and shoulder of neckband to body.

markings needed for sewing neckband to kimono

With right sides facing, sew neckband to body. Fold in half to inside of kimono body and finish raw edge.

attach neckband on diy kimono

5. Attach sleeves. Mark shoulder line of sleeves by folding in half crosswise.

sewing kimono sleeves

Match to shoulder of kimono body. With right sides facing, sew sleeve starting and ending ⅝" from outer edge.

diy african print jacket

6. Sew side seam and underarm seam closed. Finish sleeves and hem.

diy african batiks coat

7. Cut long threads and the 1.5 million cut threads that are still stuck to the finished kimono.

scotch brite link roller

I can't be alone when I say that threads seem to multiply and tangle all over everything. Stray threads are always hanging on my fresh off the machine item, all over me and stuck in the carpet.

kimono jacket sewing

I easily clean them up with a Scotch-Brite™ Lint Roller to truly finish my garment. A sweep over the kimono easily removes stray threads. It cleans hair and fuzz from many surfaces. Scotch-Brite™ 50% Stickier Lint Roller is especially effective on the carpet. I buy the double rolls in the Closet & Laundry section at Walmart.

walmart lint rollers

Using lint rollers on the carpet in a crafting room is way more effective them the vacuum cleaner. Lost needles in the carpet can easily be scooped up. Also, threads get tangled up in vacuum brushes and have to be cleaned out. A link roller sweeps across a work area and clears the mess with a few sweeps.

lint roller ideas and uses

Do you regularly buy lint rollers? How do you use them?

Find more ideas and inspiration for Scotch-Brite Lint Rollers when you visit the Stick It To Lint web page. 

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