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Thrifted Outfit // Oversized sweatshirt and Stonewashed Jeans

This is the outfit you wear when the rain finally arrives and plans on sticking around for awhile. Big old sweatshirts are perfect for cold, wet days. This one is a classic Hanes. I totally could have bought one new for about $7 bucks on Amazon but I was at the thrift store. It was about half the price of retail. It's not a huge savings but I'll take it!

thrifted outfit of sweatshirt and jeans

The sweatshirt is nothing special. The oversized fit and fleecy interior make it very cozy though. That's the real value and I think I will have to go grab a few more. It's a warm fabric hug. The bright color is a big perk too. Orange is my color. It's a pick me up for the all day dreary day.

thrift store stonewashed jeans

I wore it with jeggings I picked up during my last thrift haul. I haven't owned stonewashed jeans in at least three decades. I saw them and flashed back to high school. When I picked them up, I noticed they were new with tags on it and they were made by a brand I was familiar with already. Vibrant m.i.u. made my favorite flares. The material is very soft and stretchy. They come all the way up over the belly button too. That is true comfort.

diy ankara bracelets

The ankle boots are an older thrift find. The shape is classic and I love the patina that's developing on the leather. Three years ago, they were baby toe killers. Now they are broken in and molded to the shape of my foot.

thrift style blogger

Thrift store shoes can be tricky that way. I sometimes wonder if they were donated for causing horrible foot pain. I accepted the risk on these and it worked in my favor.

thrift fashion blogs

What have you thrifted lately?

thrift fashion bloggers
What I Wore: Hanes sweatshirt (thrift store) - vibrant m.i.u jeans (Uptown Cheapskate) - Diane von Furstenber ankle boots (thrift store) - diy head wrap (fabric stash) - Jasmin Mitchell Jewelry (etsy) - ankara bracelets (diy)

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