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{Thrift Haul} Coach at Savers, Prada at Goodwill

I had a very good designer purse thrift haul last week. You know how I like the grimy thrift store but sometimes I do venture into clean, well lit Savers and Goodwill thrift stores. 

Savers had a 50% off sale which made the prices more to my liking. I found 2 Coach purses during my visit. Later in the week, I made a quick stop into my favorite Goodwill in Northbrook. Good thing I did because I thrifted a Prada bag and new Tory Burch shoes! Those will go into The Thriftanista Closet but I did find a couple of keepers for myself.

matias salva matties bag

I found a Matias Salva Matties bag at Savers. I've been looking for a new everyday bag and I like the clean look and neutral color of this satchel. I thought it was real leather until I did some research. It is the most real leatherette I've ever seen or felt. I don't mind faux leather but I do like a sturdy well made bag that can hold up with all of the crap I stuff it with. Leather purses usually take the abuse well. We'll see how Ms. Matties does.

This is a vintage beaded clutch from one of my favorite local thrift stores -- Unique. It's unrelated to my Savers and Goodwill haul but isn't it cute? Check out those gorgeous seed beads! Totally don't need another vintage clutch but I was dazzled by the sparkle. I am a complete and total sucker for sparkly things plus all of the beads are intact.

Japanese vintage beaded bag

This is Coach bag #1 from Savers. It's a croc embossed Coach Kristen. A fellow shopper spotted it first in the display case before me but she passed on it and I breathed again. It retails for $700. I bought this bag specifically to resale. I do love the way it looks on my shoulder though...


Coach bag #2 from Savers was a lot less money. It's the classic kind. It's too small for everyday use. I'd junk it up with receipts and random toys in no time. It was such a good value for a purse that will never in all eternity go out of style. 

thrifted classic coach

The Prada purse was a hard one for me to purchase being the most expensive. The leather is buttery soft and the stitching is even so I was pretty sure it was authentic. Goodwill's return policy gave me enough assurance to buy. I did some research at home and it is indeed the real thing with retail value between $700 - $1K! 

goodwill prada bag

What have you thrifted lately?

***in other news***

Can you tell I got a new camera lens for Christmas? I love it because it's really challenging me to get my DSLR off of auto mode!

thrift haul designer purses


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