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Thrifted Treasure: By the pound sale at Salvation Army

Something kind of epic happened here in Chicago thrift world last week. Salvation Army had a 3 day (it was 2 but they extended it) .87 per pound sale. Holllerrrr! I've drooled over countless post about NYC's Housing Works by the pound sales. I've scoured "the Internets" looking for such a local sale. The closets I've ever found is in Wisconsin. 

Finally it came to be.

I am certain I had something to do with it. Law of attraction. Ask. Believe. Receive. All that!

I only went one of the days. The schedule went crazy in a good way so I couldn't make all 3 days. 
My total "weightage" was 5 pounds (10 items) and the cost was just under $5 with tax. Let me say that again. $5!!!!! I gave the cashier a $5 and she gave me change back.

What I Thrifted

Gretchen Scott silk dress 
Retail $289

two pair of AG jeans 
Retail $128 - $245

Sam Edelman quilted ballet flats 
Retail $184

Vintage a-line striped skirt

Calvin Klein zebra print tunic

Donna Morgan dress
new with tag still on

vintage silk Talbot's blazer
This is my favorite item!

Vintage striped dress and a wide purple belt

What I Saw

This was not a sale for the faint of heart. It was hot, dirty and grimy.

Just look at this panoramic shot. Don't you just want to dive in? No? Just me? 
V looks like Flat Stanley!

Surprisingly I only saw one person inside a box. She was a #stonecold #hardcore thrifter.

Did someone lose a Manolo?

Are there by the pound sales in your area?
Did you do any thrifting over the weekend?
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