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Thrifted Treasure: By the pound sale at Salvation Army

Something kind of epic happened here in Chicago thrift world last week. Salvation Army had a 3 day (it was 2 but they extended it) .87 per pound sale. Holllerrrr! I've drooled over countless post about NYC's Housing Works by the pound sales. I've scoured "the Internets" looking for such a local sale. The closets I've ever found is in Wisconsin. 

Finally it came to be.

I am certain I had something to do with it. Law of attraction. Ask. Believe. Receive. All that!

I only went one of the days. The schedule went crazy in a good way so I couldn't make all 3 days. 
My total "weightage" was 5 pounds (10 items) and the cost was just under $5 with tax. Let me say that again. $5!!!!! I gave the cashier a $5 and she gave me change back.

What I Thrifted

Gretchen Scott silk dress 
Retail $289

two pair of AG jeans 
Retail $128 - $245

Sam Edelman quilted ballet flats 
Retail $184

Vintage a-line striped skirt

Calvin Klein zebra print tunic

Donna Morgan dress
new with tag still on

vintage silk Talbot's blazer
This is my favorite item!

Vintage striped dress and a wide purple belt

What I Saw

This was not a sale for the faint of heart. It was hot, dirty and grimy.

Just look at this panoramic shot. Don't you just want to dive in? No? Just me? 
V looks like Flat Stanley!

Surprisingly I only saw one person inside a box. She was a #stonecold #hardcore thrifter.

Did someone lose a Manolo?

Are there by the pound sales in your area?
Did you do any thrifting over the weekend?


Alicia said...

$5. FIVE DOLLARS!!! I am officially jealous!

Mimi said...

*goes to search for a by the pond sale in my area*

Keva said...

OMG Im googling pound sales in my area! I just had thrity heartattack! LOVE this!

Nicole - Craft My Soul said...

That is AMAZING! I've been to a $5/lb sale in Los Angeles but NEVER a $.87/lb sale! And the $5 sale was all vintage(mostly dirty) items. Some cute stuff though.

The best deal I have found in the L.A. area is $1 Sundays at Jetrag. Every piece is $1.

Splendor said...

Wow looks like you made out with some great items. I've never
heard of this event and will have to research it.

YUMMommy said...

Love the vintage stripe dress with the wide belt. I wish that sale would make it's way to my area. I did do a little thrifting this weekend though.

Shon said...

Say what NOW??? That is crazy great!! I love all of your finds. I can not believe it! Shout out to the real gullie thrifter in the box too! Please post photos of you wearing your finds soon.

Have fun!

thriftychi said...

Very awesome finds. There are some Goodwill Outlets in IN I was looking to try and get to but this sale was enough for now. I hope they have more. I should've went on Friday. Oh well. Those flats are in incredible condition!

Ab·bie [ab-ee] said...

You know I did...will post soon!

That's My Mama said...

AWESOME! Im in love with that blazer. You done good lady lol

Suburban Style Challenge said...

You have a gift. Seriously. I'm in love with everything you found!

Mama Violet said...

$5!!!!!!! *cartwheels*

Mama Violet said...

ATL is a thrift mecca. they must!

Mama Violet said...

Good luck!

Mama Violet said...

This sale was as is/clearance merch. I found there to be lots of stuff in great condition.

Chicago needs an everything $1 sale. That's a deal.

Mama Violet said...

good luck!

Mama Violet said...

Cool! what did you get?

Mama Violet said...

I know, right? I wish I could have gone all 3 days.

Mama Violet said...

Thanks! I must check out the goodwill outlets. I've never been.

Mama Violet said...


Mama Violet said...


Mama Violet said...

Thanks Rachel!

Nic said...

so i pretty much love everything!! especially that stripe blazer and skirt. GREAT finds!!


Mama Violet said...

Thanks Nic!

Anonymous said...

I must say you do get some HOT stuff.

D.L. said...

OOOOH, I wished I lived near this thrift store. We don't have a store like that in the DC area.

Nikkipooh said...

I love all of your pieces. The stores in GA don't do this:( No by the bag or pound!

laniza said...

Yes, Shon! With the right outfit and shoes, I'd dive right in!

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