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Size Labels and the Thrift Store

Size labels are not created equal. That's why ignoring size labels is one of my top thrifting rules. Experimentation is important to the whole experience. Labels can vary from brand to brand and decade to decade. Also, depending on the time of the month, my brain tells me everything is too small! Funny how that happens.

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I toss what I like in a cart even if it's not my size. Once I have my haul, I try everything on and make decisions based on what I see in the mirror. For example:

I'm wearing an XL sweater even though medium is my "normal" size. I really like the color and it's super soft. It's oversized in a good way with a fairly good fit. The sleeves aren't too long on my arms and the length works with my long torso. Wearing big, cozy types of clothes are a part of my SAHM basics even though they puff me out. I just make sure not to go big and slouchy over the entire body. 

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Which is why the camo pants seemed like a good choice. Nice and trim. However, these size 8s (normally good fit for me) are too tight and my butt is stuffed into them. Who am I kidding? They don't fit. 

slouchy sweater worn with skinny pants

I so wanted to get some camouflage in my closet that I ignored the fact that 1/3 of my butt was not in the pants. I convinced myself that they would loosen up in the way that jeans tend to do. Naw. They're tight and the rise is too low.

jc penney neon green sweater

Had I "listened" to the size label I would have missed out on a great sweater and only have my muffin creating pants to fall back on. Now if I can just get my brain to except the truth of some situations. Sometimes, they just don't fit.

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Do you read the label or try on first to determine fit?

sahm mom style
THRIFT JCP lime green cowl neck sweater - Indian leather clutch - Zara blue camouflage pants - bangles RETAIL Born Concepts ankle boots GIFT Kenyan bead necklace - Ghanaian leather bracelet

***in other news***

New eBay additions to The Thriftanista Closet! There's a Gucci dress.....

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