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3 Basics of Stay At Home Mom Style

It wouldn't be summer without my wax print skirt. I sewed it 4 years and it never fails as a SAHM casual style option. I don't iron it. It has a nice print. It's purple. What I love best is that it has my much beloved elastic waist. I just pull it on and I'm out the door. It's a much better option than faded yoga pants (that I've only worn to the park once....or thrice).

ankara skirt worn with white blouse

When I'm doing the mad dash to the playground because this toddler is loosing her mind being cooped up inside, I rely on 3 basic wardrobe elements that ensure that we make it out in a timely fashion without whining (me not V) or tantrums (V not me) breaking out and I'm looking my absolute best. 

Basic #1 - Comfortable

colorful african wax print skirt

I don't mind a little toe pinch every now and then but when I'm on the go, doing the SAHM thing, I need comfort. Shoes have to be pillowy soft and most likely flat. Since we're in July heat now, I also like breathable, airy fabrics. 

Basic #2 - Minimal

sahm style

I like makeup but there's no time for a full face episode. Mascara, eyeliner, and lip balm is my everyday look 50% of the time. I only wear jewelry if I know exactly which piece I want to incorporate into my outfit. Most of the time I go jewelry free. Extra bonus cool points for pull over head and elastic waist clothes.

Basic #3 - Pulled Together

stay at home mom casual style

I may not leave the house looking like a hot mama but I am pulled together. I always have at least one statement piece that shows I cared. Usually colorful prints are involved. Wear white with caution. Lunch time came and our white tops were done.

what to wear with an ankara skirt

What words sum up your mom style?

casual style for moms
THRIFT blouse - vintage sunglasses - Flamingo huaraches DIY self made ankara skirt


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