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Stay At Home Mom Casual Style

As a stay at home mom, my day is basically running errands, going to the playground, cooking and procrastinating about cleaning. I spend a lot of time in comfortable, casual clothes. As we transition into spring (effin cold in Chicago), I'm finding that my closet hasn't quite caught on to this style. Are cowboy boots appropriate for walking to the grocery store?

stay at home mom casual style

Nope! By the time I got home, my feet were killing me. Lugging groceries require proper footwear. It's nice to have folks stop and tell me how cute the boots are. Note to self: more colored cowboy boots for winter. It's time to find a comfort shoe. My quest this summer is to find a cute and cushioned non frumpy flat shoe that better suits my SAHM life. 

stay at home mom style

I love the Anthropologie sweater given to me by my friend. It's one of my favorite finds from someone else's closet.  It's perfect to wear with leggings. It dips down far enough to cover crotch area. It can be wrapped and belted too. Sleeves move up and down. It's total grandpa chic-dom. (awesome made up word).

stay at home mom casual style in anthropologie sweater

Underneath the sweater is the bare minimum of casual dress -- a tee and leggings. Horses are on my t-shirt and that makes me happy. I think it was new when I thrifted it. I found it in the kids section so when I pulled it on over my non kid chest the horses went running in all different directions creating a cozy vintage look.

stay at home mom casual style graphic tee and leggings

Yes, I'm doing the leggings thing again. I have flopped on the pants as leggings issue. Elastic waist is just too much for me to resist. Even with pockets, these leggings made me feel slightly pantless. Womp. Womp. Comfortable and casual non-frump dressing can be hard.

stay at home mom casual style in cowboy boots

What's your stay at home mom casual style?

stay at home mom casual style in leggings and cowboy boots
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