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11 Cheap Ways to Refresh Your Wardrobe

Instead of buying new clothes there are cheap (or free) ways to refresh your summer wardrobe. Naturally there will be more shopping but if your bank account needs a breather, try some of the tips and tricks below!

11 cheap ways to refresh wardrobe, shop your closet

I've never been one to shop my closet. I like new (to me) thrifted things but I'm finding that there's a lot to work with in my own wardrobe. I found a shirtdress that's been taking up space in my closet for 2 years. Only 69 cents at Salvation Army! I never wore it because it needed a hook / eye closure at the waist and it had humongous shoulder pads. It took me all of 5 minutes to sew on the hook and snip out the shoulder pads.

thriftanista in the city

11 Cheap Ways to Refresh Your Wardrobe

Don't put away those long sleeve tops,  just roll up the sleeves!

Tie button front blouses and make a crop top.

Get out the needle and thread and sew those buttons, hooks, or loose hems. You can probably Youtube simple instructions but trust me, you won't mess up a simple stitch or two and if you do, no one is likely to notice. You can also take them to your local dry cleaner or tailor.

green shirtdress

Change the color of faded pieces by dying them in some of the season's hottest colors. This is especially effective on white.

Easy peasy sleeve surgery is a perfect diy for an outdated or vintage dress. I think that's the next project for this dress. The shoulder pad removal left a lot of hanging fabric.

Add some spikes or faux studs to scuffed up shoes. 

Invest in a big statement necklace to switch up the look of collarless tops and dresses.

thrift store refashion

Turn close fitting short dresses into tunics to be worn with jeans or tuck it in and wear it as a top.

Cuff structured trousers and pair with thong sandals for a casual weekend look.

Pull a long skirt up to your chest and belt to make a flirty minidress. 

Wear your favorite perfectly broken in around the house tee with a fancy skirt and stunning heels (the faux studded ones)!

How do you refresh your wardrobe?

wearing vintage
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Mo said...

Great tips and love the dress on you. :-)


Thrift and Boast said...

Excellent suggestions, I have discontinued anymore thrift shopping until I have taken an inventory of my closet and see what needs to go, stay and put up for the Season. Sometimes the best things are sitting right there in our closet and we don't even know. out. Additionally, I sent you an email from love beyond this world, did you receive it?

Madam Too Much said...

Very good tips and I am going to try and dye some pants this summer. Thanks!

Ashleigh said...

PErfect suggestions! I actually snip sleeves frequently for my kiddos. They aren't going to it this past years school clothes this coming fall, so I turn all the jeans into shorts and skirts and all shirts become sleeveless lol. I'm gonna try the skirt into a dress thing!

Yona Williams said...

Lovin' that green dress. I am notorious for pulling up long maxis and other skirts to my chest to create a shorter dress look. Sometimes I put a short-sleeved button up shirt over it. I love the way is looks!

Shannon said...

I love those clothes. Great tips and I always check the thrift stores!

Kaddyshack said...

Your post makes me wonder - I'm quite horrible at spilling things on myself. Sometimes I'll only get to wear a shirt a couple of times before it becomes stained and unwearable. Is there something I can do to rejuvenate these items? I mostly wear cotton. I'm wondering if I try to dye them a darker color would that work? Or bleach first then dye? I'd love to hear if you have any suggestions!

Anonymous said...

These are great tips. One way I refresh my wardrobe is by washing a brand new piece of clothing just purchased with a few of our older clothes to allow the dye from the new item to freshen up the older pieces of clothing.

Whitney 'Nic' James said...

Great tips and your dress is lovely!


Emily F. said...

These are great tips! The dress looks amazing.

Terri. said...

Great tips! Thank you so much for sharing.

Anonymous said...

What a great blog post, especially for people like me who want to be crafty but can't come up with our own ideas!

Peggy said...

Like your ideas and you are right they are inexpensive!

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Those are some great suggestions. I often find myself thrifting dresses and taking off the puffy 80s sleeves myself. It's amazing what it does to the overall look of the garment. That green dress looks amazing on you.


Melissa Storms said...

Thanks for the great tips, I have a lot of cute things in my closet that I haven't worn yet. I guess it is time to look at what I already own.

Unknown said...

These are awesome tips and I love that dress!

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