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5 Reasons Why I Shop Secondhand

It's no secret that I like thrifting and secondhand shopping. I didn't always spend so much time in thrift stores. I like shopping in general but my money is funny. Since my pockets are uhmmm shall we say "light", I love that I can still indulge in one of my favorite past times and not break the bank (too much).

5 reasons why I enjoy shopping secondhand

Here are 5 reasons why I enjoy shopping secondhand based on yesterday's outfit for a trip to the zoo:

a flea market vintage find marquise white cabochon earrings

1. Vintage Finds

My earrings are from the Kane County Flea Market. They are one of three pairs of earrings I found and fell in love with over the weekend. My haggle hymen was broken when I asked the seller if she would take $7 for the 3 pairs. She did.

nice quality thrift vintage italian made sunglasses

2. Quality 

The sunglasses are a find from a recent thrift trip. They're "made in Italy" and good quality. The shape is simple with a little design on the bridge. The lenses have no scratches and they're very sturdy. I did go over my $3 per item limit but they're worth the $3.90.

front tie blouse trend with thrift store shirt

3. Trends

I only wear the button up as front tie blouse. The fabric is perfect for it. It's also very airy and soft. It keeps getting better with every wash so even when I'm tired of the front tie, I can still wear this ray of sunshine for a few more years.

secondhand midi a line skirt found in thrift store

4. Originality

I like putting my own spin on everything I wear. Having a unique print makes it easy. I had planned on limiting my color choices for this magenta / grey a-line midi skirt to black or white but look what happened when I added an additional pop of color. It works, right?

ballet flats found new in thrift store

5. Cost

The price is usually right. Sadly, my ballet flats are on their last leg. The material is busting at the seams in back and looking kinda raggedy. Unlike the sunglasses, the quality ain't that great. These probably retailed pretty cheap anyway. They were new and only $3 thrifted. Had I bought them retail, the cost would have been higher. They are my go to shoe so I'm ok with them only lasting 2 months. I got my money's worth out of them.

Why do you shop secondhand?

***In other news***

Most of the animals at the zoo didn't have time for us but these 2 giraffes seemed to enjoy the photo op.

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