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DIY Spiked or Beaded Shoes

DIY Spiked or Beaded Shoes

I was so fascinated by Vionnet shoes that I created a similar style using paint to make the beads. It's a simple project and it took me about an hour to apply all of the spiked beads of paint. I wasn't consistent in my technique so some look like spikes and others look like beads.

Vionnet Shoe DIY

There were other shoes in the line with similar beading. I have a pair of flats like the pair on the right. I see another diy in my future.

Vionnet Shoes Spring 2012 Collection

What you need:
-textured paint
-mod podge

I used Scribbles 3D paint for this project but I used a Viva Pearl Pen on the loafers. I found the Scribbles paint dried faster and it was easier to maneuver.

I would say do a test run before your main project.

What to do:

DIY VIonnet Inspired

Draw your design on the shoe. I did mine free hand. I tried to mark out a design using a pencil but I couldn't see the markings very well so I just went by the design in my head.

I started out with one row of spikes / beads down the center starting at the strap. This was helpful in achieving a more uniform pattern.

Vionnet inspired DIY

Squeeze out paint spike / bead to desired size. Again, I would recommend doing some tests to find your flow.

Vionnet Inspired Shoes

I worked on both shoes at the same time. This allowed some drying time between colors and helped me better match the design as I was working free hand.

Vionnet Inspired Shoes

For the heel, I went with a different pattern and made a base outline first and filled in the middle.

Vionnet Inspired Shoes

The back has more spikes than beads.

Vionnet Inspired Shoes

Once the shoes are complete dry, add a coat of mod podge. I'm pigeon-toed so I popped off the inner beads within minutes of putting them on and had to reapply.

Vionnet Inspired Shoes

You like?

Vionnet Inspired Shoes

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