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Style File: T-Shirt and a Leather Skirt

Instead of going with the very obvious choice -- a pair of jeans, I wore a leather skirt with a t-shirt.  The turquoise leather skirt was in the graveyard part of my closet. No hanger just laying in a pile on a shelf. I haven't worn it since my television debut *hair flip* over a year ago. It has great color and came with an amazing price tag -- $3.50! It's a little big in the waist (yay!) but it now sags toward the tummy pooch (boohiss).

Thrift Style

I don't normally wear graphic tees especially ones with cartoon characters on them. The color combination is lovely. It cost a $1 and I loved watching the Flintstones as a kid.

Thrift Style

I'm only half ashamed to say I wore it the day before over a thin knit sweater. It was still clean and it made picking out clothes that much easier on Sunday as I headed out to brunch with the loves.

Thrift Style

Obviously I had to add some layers to the outfit -- chunky sweater and infinity scarf. I won't be going out with bare arms for at least a month or two and the scarf is super cozy. I tend to wear it in the house with a muumuu though.

Thrift Style

While taking pics using the awesome sunshine on Sunday, I started to overheat. My layers were banned from the rest of the shoot.

Thrift Style

Did you notice anything different about the loafers? I played around the pearl pen from Consumer Crafts. Unfortunately, I ran out of paint while "pearling" the second loafer. womp. womp. More is on the way so I can finish up. My $2 Salvation Army score will have new life AGAIN!

Thrift Style

Thrifted: H&M cardigan, Flintstones tee, leather skirt, Nordstrom loafers
DIY: infinity scarf and loafers
Retail: Falke tights

How was your weekend?

In other news, I'm trying to do better at keeping track of my cost so that I can better demonstrate how wonderful the deals are at thrift shops. I also want to add more submissions to Thrift Store Runway. There's $500 prizes every month Thriftanistas! If you thrift, you should enter. You have to make sure you're under $50 so save those receipts too.
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