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Absolutely Fabulous Shoes Spotted on Pinterest

While perusing Pinterest, I spotted a street fashion photo of a woman wearing absolutely fabulous shoes. I ended up loosing track of the photo and had to google search it based on the mental picture I took. Not an easy task given my lack of attention to detail. Google understood me though. The pumps mystery pin lady was wearing were from Vionnet's Spring 2012 line. I pinned them from the Vionnet site and waited.

fur collar peplum pleated skirt with t-strap shoes

Meanwhile, a pair of decade old pumps lay in my shoe graveyard. I bought them at Filene's Basement. There never seemed to be a good time to wear them. The shape of my foot doesn't work well with slingbacks either. A substantial portion of my heel usually hangs off the side.

fur collar peplum pleated skirt with t-strap shoes

They've been allowed to stay in my closet because of the t-strap and the color. As you know, I have strong affection for the color purple. I guess that's why they have followed me through several moves, a marriage, and a baby. They've probably gone in and out of style a couple of times too. I happen to love t-strap shoes so I will wear them whether in or out.

fur collar peplum pleated skirt with t-strap shoes

Over the weekend, I went to an estate sale and paid $1 for several jars of 3D paint that I knew would be perfect for the inspired look. 

fur collar peplum pleated skirt with t-strap shoes

Do you know the Paulo Coelho quote "when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it"? It came to mind when I spotted the paint. The universe didn't see fit for me to have the very expensive Vionnet shoes (not yet) but the universe did make it possible for me to create an inspired pair. New shoes are on my vision board but refashioned ones will work too.

fur collar peplum pleated skirt with t-strap shoes

I'm testing the outfit out for another day. There's a snow storm going on outside. My feet would turn into ice bricks wearing slingbacks. 

fur collar peplum pleated skirt t-strap shoes

Look out for another quick and easy tutorial on Friday.

fur collar peplum pleated skirt t-strap shoes
THRIFT H&M faux fur collar - 80's peplum sweater - grey 80's pleated skirt RETAIL purple patent leather Circa Joan & David pumps - purple suede belt - black tights DIY Vionnet inspired pumps


Aracely said...

Love the ensemble and those shoes are gorgeous!

Baby Shopaholic said...

Those shoes are cute! Love the fit!

Lizzie // The Urbaness said...

What a cute look! Love the shoes!

Charla said...

I love this site, thanks!

Silhouette de Femme said...

Glad you kept the shoes I like them too!

Kenya Hunter said...

Such a fun look! The shoes are fab!

xo, Kenya


Kenya L Fashion Blog

Olivia Lane said...

So true about how the universe conspires for us to get what we want once we set our sights on it. it's kinda scary how that works actually! i love this outfit and the shoes are awesome and completely unique (which in my book makes them better than the ones that inspired them).

Helen said...

Really a great pair of high heel shoes.. perfect!!

Babblings of a Mommy said...

Pretty color combo.


Audrey Allure said...

Love your shoes & sweater!

Lindsay said...

I love the DIY shoes! So chic!

Chioma said...

this is such a cute retro look, love the fur! :)

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BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

What a lovely skirt!

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