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My 2013 Vision Board and Naming of the New Year

I started early and created my vision board for the coming year. No vision board party like 2011 and no procrastinating like 2012 (the one that never got made). I used the  O Dream Board again. I find it very helpful to organize and visualize what I see for the year. Having a digital vision board also makes it easy for me to look at as I go about my day as I spend a lot of time near my computers and cell.

Digital vision board created with Oprah dream board

In 2011, it was all about fun, fellowship and good times. Wow did I have a lot of that! My word for 2011 was abundance and it was absolutely an abundant year of celebrations. In 2012, I felt really scattered and moving in all kinds of directions but not really getting anywhere. Maybe because I didn't visualize enough? I just had a bunch of ideas floating around and not getting anywhere.

This year I'm going back to the vision board. I hope it will keep me grounded and focused on the objectives I have set for myself.

This year's vision board is mostly business minded. V will be 3 and going to school at the end of 2013. I must make my own way and on my own terms so this is the year of the extreme hustle. I have no desire to work for someone else on a full time basis and I especially don't want to return to former career.

I haven't worked out my 5 themes  but I have already named the new year Strong because I will need strength as I forge ahead into new and different paths. I'm going to need strength to accomplish a very busy year. I will need to be strong for the painful orthodontia work I will be starting early next year. I will need to be strong to carry all of the money I'm going to make.

Yes, I am claiming it!

Have you created a vision board for next year? resolutions? winging it?

In other news: If you're in need of some adorable baby cuteness, watch V singing in Swahili. It's quick, I promise. Enjoy!

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