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My 2013 Vision Board and Naming of the New Year

I started early and created my vision board for the coming year. No vision board party like 2011 and no procrastinating like 2012 (the one that never got made). I used the  O Dream Board again. I find it very helpful to organize and visualize what I see for the year. Having a digital vision board also makes it easy for me to look at as I go about my day as I spend a lot of time near my computers and cell.

Digital vision board created with Oprah dream board

In 2011, it was all about fun, fellowship and good times. Wow did I have a lot of that! My word for 2011 was abundance and it was absolutely an abundant year of celebrations. In 2012, I felt really scattered and moving in all kinds of directions but not really getting anywhere. Maybe because I didn't visualize enough? I just had a bunch of ideas floating around and not getting anywhere.

This year I'm going back to the vision board. I hope it will keep me grounded and focused on the objectives I have set for myself.

This year's vision board is mostly business minded. V will be 3 and going to school at the end of 2013. I must make my own way and on my own terms so this is the year of the extreme hustle. I have no desire to work for someone else on a full time basis and I especially don't want to return to former career.

I haven't worked out my 5 themes  but I have already named the new year Strong because I will need strength as I forge ahead into new and different paths. I'm going to need strength to accomplish a very busy year. I will need to be strong for the painful orthodontia work I will be starting early next year. I will need to be strong to carry all of the money I'm going to make.

Yes, I am claiming it!

Have you created a vision board for next year? resolutions? winging it?

In other news: If you're in need of some adorable baby cuteness, watch V singing in Swahili. It's quick, I promise. Enjoy!


Megan, said...

ooooh great board! i need to make one ;)

Xo Megan,

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

That's awesome! Cheers to achieving your goals!

laniza said...

Love that your claiming success--get 'em! V is so cute! If you don't mind me asking, what does the song mean? I know a very limited amount of swahili.

TiaLou said...

You've already made your vision're on it! I'm going to start planning mine now!!! Much success in the coming year!

Style4Curves said...

I need to make a vision board!! I have my plans already I never wing it.

Tricia Hersey said...

i am winging it and surrendering to the blessings that are always around me. i am gonna just follow what makesme happy by meditating daily so i am in tune with my bliss. i already have a clear vision of my career passions i am just gonna keep hustling on my art career and flowing with life. i am doing a gratitude jar. i have a mason jar and every time something amazing happens i am gonna write it down on sheet of paper then collect it in jar thru out year. my biggest lesson this year has been that when you acknowledge all the blessings and manifest gratitude you are flooded with even more than you can imagine. things that i have never put on past vision boards just came to me this year because i stayed focused on gratitude no matter what happened. i have already put in one slip of paper in my gratitude jar for an opportunity that will be awarded to me in early january regarding my art career. cheers to 2013. more strength and hustle to you. i already know it will happen for you.

Mimi said...

You said a mouthful with, "I must make my own way and on my own terms" I am in this place. I feel like I am against a wall to make something happen soon. My baby will also be going to school and I have no desire at all to work for someone else so 2013 will be the year of the extremem hustle. I would rather have 100 hustles than go back to corporate!

I need to complete a vision board mysely


I thought of doing this a while back, you've encouraged me to give it another try :)


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