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Vision Board: A Wine Party

After a couple of postponements the Vision Board and Wine Party finally happened. I enjoyed myself and I think my guest did too.

Magazines opened!
CONFESSION TIME: We did not make 1 vision board!

It started with a glass of wine, sangria, or moscato. It ended the same.

We noshed on a soul food meal: Bird bought from Windy City's own Harold's. I made Sakuma Wiki (Kenyan greens), and baked mac & cheese.

We laughed. We talked men. We talked motherhood. We talked work. We talked total nonsense. (I have got to check out Basketball Wives; I have the finale episode in the DVR for later when He is not around).

He kept watch for Queen V's night time schedule and you know what? She slept 8 friggin hours. I went to bed with full bewb and at 4a I could take it no longer and had to pump. I missed the sweetness of getting a full night's sleep. I hope this is a trend and not a fluke.

I woke to a mild hangover and indulged in 2 naps. I finally started feeling "normal" again in the evening.

My weekend was great! I love the energy of a group of sister friends in one room.

Empty wine bottles and uncut magazines.
How about you? Post-baby do you still have the opportunity for pre-baby activities? How often? What do you do?
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