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Vision Board: A Wine Party

After a couple of postponements the Vision Board and Wine Party finally happened. I enjoyed myself and I think my guest did too.

Magazines opened!
CONFESSION TIME: We did not make 1 vision board!

It started with a glass of wine, sangria, or moscato. It ended the same.

We noshed on a soul food meal: Bird bought from Windy City's own Harold's. I made Sakuma Wiki (Kenyan greens), and baked mac & cheese.

We laughed. We talked men. We talked motherhood. We talked work. We talked total nonsense. (I have got to check out Basketball Wives; I have the finale episode in the DVR for later when He is not around).

He kept watch for Queen V's night time schedule and you know what? She slept 8 friggin hours. I went to bed with full bewb and at 4a I could take it no longer and had to pump. I missed the sweetness of getting a full night's sleep. I hope this is a trend and not a fluke.

I woke to a mild hangover and indulged in 2 naps. I finally started feeling "normal" again in the evening.

My weekend was great! I love the energy of a group of sister friends in one room.

Empty wine bottles and uncut magazines.
How about you? Post-baby do you still have the opportunity for pre-baby activities? How often? What do you do?


Camishar said...

I have a Diva Day once a month with my Church girlfriends. It's a total of 3 of us.

We've either go to a movie, spa , plays and when everybodies money is funny we crash at Michelles house for chicken and wine but since two of us have become vegetarians we switch to veggie pizza and wine. On those days we watch a movie and talk mess about which actor will sleep with !!!

I also meet up with my college girlfriend every three months for sushi and wine :-) and every birthday!!!

I've been doing this now for 9 years and I have no idea what I would do or how I would make it without those Diva Days! We encouraged each other through deaths of love ones, new babies, stupid men and just talking each other off the ledge.

We also have a secret bail money fund just in case :-) We got bets that our friend Michelle will need the money first

I was doing this before I met my husband and the girls gave him the rules the first they date met him :-) I'm very fortunate that he's very supportive and sometimes ask me when is the next Diva Day and to tell the girls he said hi!!!

U have to make time to replenish yourself and to stay connected. It's hard in the beginning but so worth.

I hate that I miss the party and I WILL at the next one. It looks like u guys had a ball!!!

KopyKat-Kim said...

Girl, what fun, too bad we don't live near each other. LOL

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Sounds like a great evening. Important to have that time for yourself and your friends.

Over the past month, I have started making more time for myself. My husband likes laying low on the weekends after a long week of work. That's when I get up and get out of the house. Sometimes I get together with friends. Sometimes I get my hair done. And sometimes I merely run errands. But, that time to myself, no matter what I do, is precious and makes for better mothering (and wiving) once I come home!

Mimi said...

I get with the girls as much as possible. It is kind of easier for us because we all have children around the same age. We put on a movie for them and have a great time. Unfortunately when they are around the wine drinking stays to a minimum.

Mama Violet said...

@Cami I love it! I need to campaign for more Diva Days

@KopyKat-Kim I know. We could break out the sewing machine and NOT sew while drinking wine!

@Nilsa I keep saying I'm going to take more weekend time for myself. I have to start leaving the house. I just get sucked in if I'm at home.

@Mimi I'm trying to find a tribe of women with kids. That would be great.

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