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Get It Together, Mama

Taking care of Spirit is on my "Get It Together" list and after 4 weeks of saying I'm going to visit this one church in particular, I finally made it there! However, I'm not sure this is the church for us. I really liked the it is non-denominational. I also chose it because the church principles aligned with my beliefs in the law of attraction.

The message this week was "Naming the New Year". The minister spoke about the universe conspiring for our good. We said a group prayer stating "I claim my good. The Universe is boundless" and then we did an exercise. We were given a marker and a stone to write on. We meditated and then chose a word that would define our 2011. It tied in well with my Dreaming Big vision board.

So in theory this was a perfect place for me and the family but some things were missing. Diversity for one. It was definitely an older crowd. An older caucasian crowd. I thought there would be more of a mix considering the diversity of the neighborhood. Second, the music and message givers weren't particularly revved up. The mood was very somber. I was super charged about a fresh new year! I wasn't getting that energy back in the speakers or the music.

I'm not sure we'll visit again. He didn't really get that much out of it either (He didn't even get to do the fun exercise. Little Miss started to protest). Oh well, on to the next. Maybe we will explore a non-christian worship experience.

Btw, the word that came to me while meditating was Abundance.

Do you have spiritual goals that you are trying to attain? For you? For your family? What are you doing to get there? If you're local and know of a church that could work for my family, feel free to share.

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