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Get It Together, Mama

Taking care of Spirit is on my "Get It Together" list and after 4 weeks of saying I'm going to visit this one church in particular, I finally made it there! However, I'm not sure this is the church for us. I really liked the it is non-denominational. I also chose it because the church principles aligned with my beliefs in the law of attraction.

The message this week was "Naming the New Year". The minister spoke about the universe conspiring for our good. We said a group prayer stating "I claim my good. The Universe is boundless" and then we did an exercise. We were given a marker and a stone to write on. We meditated and then chose a word that would define our 2011. It tied in well with my Dreaming Big vision board.

So in theory this was a perfect place for me and the family but some things were missing. Diversity for one. It was definitely an older crowd. An older caucasian crowd. I thought there would be more of a mix considering the diversity of the neighborhood. Second, the music and message givers weren't particularly revved up. The mood was very somber. I was super charged about a fresh new year! I wasn't getting that energy back in the speakers or the music.

I'm not sure we'll visit again. He didn't really get that much out of it either (He didn't even get to do the fun exercise. Little Miss started to protest). Oh well, on to the next. Maybe we will explore a non-christian worship experience.

Btw, the word that came to me while meditating was Abundance.

Do you have spiritual goals that you are trying to attain? For you? For your family? What are you doing to get there? If you're local and know of a church that could work for my family, feel free to share.


Sommer J said...

Best of luck to you!!!

My goals is to try to stay focussed. Right now I am in spiritual limbo, but I believe more than I don't. I will keep my own beliefs private before sharing with my family. Though my children find comfort in a higher power, which I find so amazing!

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e) said...

I know of a number of good non-denominational churches in Chicago--but I will admit, I see a conflict between the Law of Attraction and Christianity, so I don't know if you'd find that at any of them.

I didn't go to church from the time I was 17 until well into my 40s, and then I found the perfect place for me (which has since changed as I have grown.) Just know it takes time, but it's worth the search.

V dot said...

Hmmm...I have to agree with Ellie El re: Law of Attraction and Christianity. I haven't been to a church that supports that belief. But, I have to believe it's out there.

I know of plenty of great churches - but are you willing to drive 20-30 minutes to get to it? There's the new City Church, still NS but not in your 'hood. Haven't been, but they have transit ads all over the place.

My spiritual goal is to do more bible reading outside of service and to try and actually see the lessons in the stories/scriptures and not just look at them as a piece of literature.

Mama Violet said...

@Sommer J I think that's where I'm at -- spiritual limbo. I do want Little Miss to believe in something.

@Ellen Share your non denominational churches. I can do some research.

@V dot The church I visited was that church. Super bummed because their beliefs sound so good to me on the 'nets. We drove about 25 minutes to get there. I'll do some research on City Church. Thanks!

Tricia Hersey said...

I can try and help but a lil unsure of what you looking for. Would it be more diversity and more energy in music? We both like the Quakers. I love the silent meditation, the concept of having a direct connection to God with no need for clergy and levels of leadership, commitment to social justice, education and global issues. The only snafu is saheim aint gonna sit through the entire silent worship and won't go to the kids school they have for the lil ones cuz he don't know them. We are working on getting him comfortable with going to kids service and will prolly take turns with him sitting in service.

Mama Violet said...

I want diversity and energy coming from the minister. Music isn't necessary but I do want a dynamic speaker. I'll research the Quakers. I don't know if E will enjoy that though. He too her to the nursery yesterday and she liked it (but he was with her the whole time).

Camishar said...

For me and my family we attend a non-denomination church with a nice mix of culures. I said that I refuse to go to a all black, white etc church. I wanted a place were everyone was accepted and would be willing to worship the same God together. We look for a church that teaches application of the bible principles and one that gives back to the community through mission work or hands on community involvement. I'm a very pracitical person so I really don't like all the yelling and extra stuff that comes along with some places of worship. I also look for a strong children and teen minsitry that really gives the kids tools to grow their faith, not just scream at them by saying JUST DON'T DO IT :-) God knows your heart and he will give u the desire of them if u just ask. Have faith like a child and honsetly say " I want to find a place to build my faith and trust in you God , so make it plan and show us the church. I'm excited for you. It's sad when people don't put that much effort in getting their spiritual life together. We more than just flesh and blood. :-)

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