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We Need to Communicate

Little Miss had her first play date(s) today. We finally had the opportunity to check out a neighborhood meetup. There were 3 other babies there. One that is 4 months old just like Little Miss. She looked a little confused when we entered but quickly warmed up. 

She's such a Chatty Cathy. She dominated every conversation with her babble. Other than the adults, she was the only one talking. I'm glad. I think she will be like Him in that respect. I was a shy baby, child, and depending on the situation I'm still scared of people. I may have a little Oprah on my hands!

In preparation, I reserved a bunch of Baby sign language books and DVDs. I also want to make sure she doesn't do the point n' grunt for everything. I wanted to take a class but it's friggin cold out there. I'm prone to hibernation. There's no guarantee I'll make it to every class plus the library is free! I can't wait to get started. It seems I'm not the only interested in the subject. There were holds on every book/dvd I chose.

Anyone doing (did) baby sign language? Did it work for you? Do you have a baby communication suggestion to share?


V dot said...

Glad to hear you've got a social butterfly on your hands.

I can't imagine going to a play date for the first time. Strange people and strange babies.

Ellen Stewart (aka Ellie/El/e) said...

You? Shy? I cannot imagine! (You always talk to me, unless you're shaking your head at me...)

Wilma said...

Kate did a little sign language. Most important sign? Nurse :-) It was supposed to be her thumb to her mouth but she made it into pointing to her neck. I have a photo of her somewhere where she does that. She did do "more" as well. Of course when we stopped nursing (at 33 months) she was very capable of asking for it with words.

Tricia Hersey said...

I had that book when he was little and passed it on to you. I tried doing it when he was like 3 months but didn't stay consistent. I was too busy dealing with his colic and acid reflux. Again I was on survivor mode. yaccording to books you can do it with them for months and nothing will happen then one day they will start doing it. She does like to talk. I told you that I never saw a baby that young babble and coo so much. Good ready.

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