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Thriftanista Style File: Peplum, Ruffles, and Chevron

I attended "Who Wants to be a Fashion Judge?" at Calvin Tran last week. There were yummy treats, cocktails and great music. We critiqued (clap and clap louder) women ripping the runway in pieces from the Calvin Tran collection. It was a lot a fun.

I ended up sitting next to 2 lovely Thriftanistas and meeting a few more in the room. The thrift magnet was strong.

What I Wore

The sweater is really working for me. I'm getting a lot of wear out of it. I wore it here and here. This winter has been so mild. I pulled out my favorite thrifted piece - the chevron coat. The skirt is not thrifted but it was $5!

Black/White chevron coat - homemade (thrifted)
Blue/gold sweater - unknown (thrifted)

Floral print ruffle skirt - H&M
Black cable knit tights - ???
Black booties - Born

Three of the models. Everyone was working it. The fabulous green dress was the best piece overall judging by audience applause.

Jewelry for sale. I like jewelry but I hardly ever wear it. Most days I'm too lazy busy to take the extra effort.

The clothes. Everything was sewn well and made with good quality fabric. I fondled the fabric a bit. :)

Are you close with your jewelry? Special occasion only? None of the time?
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