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Thriftanista Style File: a-line tee, denim trousers, orange wedge sandals

Hey Thriftanistas! Have you heard about Thrift Store Runway's contest? There's normally a $100 monthly prize but....they're going for a $500 prize for 5 winners if they have more than 50 people enter. If you haven't already, jump on in. For the next month or until I get tired I'm going to be posting like a mad woman!

Today is a casual day. I hit up a couple of estate sales this morning and will be hanging out at the Festival of Life in the evening. My tee was a pretty random purchase. I liked that it had blue flowers and its bell shape. Good for hiding the after effects of all the yummy caribbean food I'm going gorge on later today.

I love the denim trousers for the length. I like pants that hit at my ankles. It's a rarity for my stumps short legs. There are no belt loops or back pocket. I should probably take them in a bit at the waist but they're workable. Extremely comfortable and lightweight. Basically these pants rock!

The orange wedge are a couple of years old. They were FREE! My mom is a shopaholic who buys stuff on sale that she cannot fit or wear. Wow! That sounds so familiar. I scored 3 pairs of brand new shoes from her haul. I think I will text her pics of some wishlist items of mine. :)

Sunglasses - Edge I Wear (thrifted)
A-line tee - Language (thrifted)
Denim trousers - DFA New York (thrifted)
Orange wedge sandals - Franco Sarto (free)

In other news: Final call for beauty products freebie table. I will stop taking comments today! The Oscar Mayer gift bag is still up for grabs until Monday (7/9). I will choose a winner on Tuesday.
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