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Thriftanista Social Club: Meeting 1

The first meetup of the Thriftanista Social Club was last Friday at Salvation Army. There were 12 of us who braved the snow, wind, and cold to shop and meet other Thriftanistas. We shopped until closing and probably could have stayed longer. The manager treated us very well and made sure we had everything we needed including on the spot pricing for untagged items.

It was so exciting to meet other people who share a passion for resale like I do! We have a challenge and a thrift crawl coming soon. I can't wait.

I was able to score 2 dresses for .69 each. The blue wrap dress is my favorite. The shoulder pads are thick and add a nice shape. I think I'm going to keep them in. The green/black patterned shirt dress has a beautiful color and looked good on me. I didn't get a picture in it though.

Lime green high-waisted granny pants. They are so stiff they can almost stand on their own. I love the bright green color and they were $1.99. I can experiment with them and I won't feel bad if I have to abandon them all together.

The floral mini was $.99. It's super short but with tights I should be ok. It was too cute to leave behind.

This is my favorite picture of the night. Thriftanista K had 22 items costing $30. She even had 2 leather coats! Amazing.

Our group shot. Thriftanista M had to leave early (she did snag some great pieces before leaving) and our token male (shopping with his wife....awww) didn't make it into the picture. I wonder why?

Do you like my finds? What have you found lately?
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