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Vintage Animal Print Jumpsuit

I don't blog often but when I do, you can bet it's to show off a fabulous thrift store jumpsuit. I only wore this yummy animal print once before it was quickly snatched up out of one of my online closets. 


It's an oldie but definitely a goodie. Animal print can never goes out of style for me and right now I hear they're trending for fall. So hats off to the buyer who purchased this one. It's vintage but I think it can be rocked for many decades to come.


The lapels give it a structured look and the bold print makes it a great dressy casual piece. I love that the v-neckline is low cut too adding a little bit of sexy to the mix.


While jumpsuits may be a bother in a public bathroom, they do make it easy to get dressed. You have your top and bottom all in one. It's the simplicity of a dress and the comfort of pants. 


This jumpsuit didn't need much in the accessory department either. It's a look all on its own. I did add a leather tie belt from my closet to break up the look. The jumpsuit had belt loops but as with most thrift store finds, the belt went missing. I kept my accessories pretty neutral and stuck to the black and brown color palette.


This jumpsuit may be gone but it only leaves room in my closet to find more! Here of some of my other favorite jumpsuit over the years.
  • I love the refashion and fixes I made to the ruffle sleeve jumpsuit so I will likely keep this one in my closet.
  • The colorful jogger leg jumpsuit has some alterations too and it continues to be one of my favorites. I wear it often in summer.
  • I recently sold the rhinestone chain shoulder jumpsuit. It's such a bold style but I never found a place to wear it in the two years I owned it.
  • I sold the yellow Egon von Furstenberg jumpsuit having held it for a whopping 7 years. It needed some new elastic and it was good as new. This is why I rarely thrift items that need fixing because it will be the last thing I get around to.
  • I worked on a campaign with Walmart and found an adorable palazzao pant jumpsuit with the perfect inseam for me. No shortening required.
  • I found a rhinestone embellished 90s jumpsuit recently that's not my size but it's my style so I'm hoping it will find a good home soon.
  • This was my first time finding a great fit in bib overalls that also didn't make me feel like a toddler.

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