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3 Ways to Refresh A Beat Up Thrift Store Jumpsuit

All the way back in 2012, I thrifted a vintage Egon von Furstenberg jumpsuit. He was the husband of Diane -- creator of the ultra flattering wrap dress. Egon was known as the Prince of High Fashion. This piece is one of those 80s polyester jumpsuit that were likely a dime a dozen back then. I wouldn't necessary call it 'high fashion' but it's pretty fabulous. Vintage jumpsuits are thrift store gold.

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I like the vibrant yellow gold color of this one and it has pockets. Pockets are always a good idea. That's why I've held on to it for so long with very little actual wearing. I gave it a little perk up juice to get that one final wear before adding it to thethriftanista.shop.

Replaced the elastic. 
The style is naturally oversized so with the stretched elastic it was just shapeless and blobby. It needed a belt to cinch the waist and add some shape. Belts can suck though after eating or sitting, or just wearing after a few hours. Elastic is a much more comfortable option.

before and after of a thrift store jumpsuit with stretched elastic

How to Replace Worn Elastic Waist

Supplies elastic, seam ripper, sewing machine, scissors, safety pen to feed elastic through casing NOTE: I used a large needle with the sharp point snipped due to the width of the elastic.
Instructions 1) Rip the seam open a couple of inches at the waist. 2) Remove the stretched elastic. 3) Cut a new piece of elastic that's about 5" shorter than your waist. Slide the new elastic through the opening you made. 4) Sew the ends together. Sew the opening closed just following the line of the previous stitches.

replace elastic on a thrift store jumpsuit

Tuck the collar.
This jumpsuit is is suppose to have an oversized fit but it still looks like it's a couple of sizes too big for me. I was able to take in the shoulders a bit by removing the shoulder pads and tucking in the collar.

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Create faux genie pant legs.
I created faux genie pant legs just by tucking the bottom hems into my shoes. Since I'm selling it, I  didn't want to make permanent alterations but a cuffed crop or jogger legs would also be a good way refresh the look.

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What I Wore: Egon von Furstenberg vintage jumpsuit (thrift store) - Joe's Jeans pumps (Amazon) - Handmade beaded jewelry (Kenya)

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