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How To Give Life to Beat Up Thrift Store Jumpsuit

As you can probably guess, I thrifted this jumpsuit for the dramatic ruffled shoulders. It was missing one of the back lace up ties and there was some damage to the pant leg. I did a little surgery and removed some length thus cutting away the holes and shortening the length. I used pieces of the cut pant leg to make another tie.

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I considered just removing the other tie but there was high probability of it falling down. The laces keep the bodice in place. Also, they're more interesting than open back, no?

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Three years ago, I asked my social media friends if this thrift store find was a keeper or not. There were some "no ways" but most thought it was a good idea.

I was pretty much in the yes but it is rather out there. The ruffles are super big. I couldn't figure out where I would be going in it. Target? Publix? School drop off? Where exactly does it fit into my lifestyle? That's the question I couldn't answer plus the damage. I avoid cumbersome refashions when I can. At the time, I didn't know I was going to chop some length.

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Since I had no idea where I was going in it, it's been aging on the dark side of my closet. It even made the cut after my weight loss purge. I decided to fix it up this year and get the back ties in order and tone down the look with the pant legs. The jumpsuit was teetering on costume but the cropped cuffs add a casual update to the piece.

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Here's what I did to give this fixer upper new life:

Cut the bottom hem to make the pants shorter. I tried it on and marked with a pin where I wanted the new length to fall. I took them off and marked a new hemline that was an inch below the pin. I carefully cut away the fabric from the pant legs. I would normally just cut across to crop the length but I wanted to make sure I had enough salvaged for the tie or a mishap trying to make a new tie. (1) I opened up a seam first and then cut all the way around marked new length. I then folded up the raw pant leg hems to make a cuff and tacked the sides to hold in place.

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Made a new lace up tie for the back. I had enough fabric in one pant leg to equal the length of the tie. (2) To make the tie,  I cut three 1" wide strips and sewed them together. I folded the fabric in half lengthwise. Press. Then turned the raw edges toward the fold and pressed again. Sewed the edges to close tie. (4) I inserted the new tie through the hole left vacant from the missing tie and sewed it closed. Trimmed to make the new tie even with the old to finish.

Cut the belt loops. I also cut off the belt loops because somehow a belt just seems like too much.  Getting in and out of this get up was going to be enough to deal with. I think it would dated the look too and take it back over to the costume side.

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The jumpsuit was designed by BB Collections for Barbara Barbara . From the quick google search, it looks as if Barbara was a lover of all things ruffly like myself and probably meant the jumpsuit to be worn out for cocktails with the Golden Girls.

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I'm headed to BlogHer later this week. My birthday is coming. There's a bbq or two I plan to hit up on July 4. In that time frame, I hope to do Barbara right and pull this sucker out for a shimmy in my giant ruffled shoulders.

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