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The Impracticality of a Thrift Store Romper

How can I say no to a thrift store romper? I do believe I had something something similar in the 90s. The fabric is crap but I made an exception. It's not even the good stiff polyester. I ironed it quickly and the dots were melting off fast. I'm amazed it made it to the thrift in such great shape.

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I bought the romper because the positives outweighed the subpar fabric.

Pockets are a gift. Deep pockets are gold. Why do women's clothing today have teeny tiny pockets that hands or phones can't be shoved in?

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I like rompers a whole lot. Remember the jumpsuit I turned into a romper? Or the colorful one that became joggers? The denim romper? No matter that things become incredibly awkward when you go to the bathroom. They are the coolest and now men have finally "discovered" them!

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A couple of years ago I would not have been into having so much back exposure. My back is broad and it was not something I wanted to accentuate. Now that I've toned up and have some definition, I have a new love affair with halter backs. It's also nice and breezy unlike the rest of the romper. This fabric does not breathe.

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The price was definitely a factor. I would not have done it for $10 but at $5, it was the right price.

For all these reasons, I went for it. I'm a big believer in buying what you. If it calls to you and puts a smile on your face, keep it in the cart! If you feel confident in it. You buy it. Break all fashion rules if you have to.

What dreamboat totally impractical thrift store awesome have you found lately?

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What I Wore: romper (thrift store) - sandals (Amazon) - earrings (Kenya)

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