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Vintage Denim Jumpsuit

I get so excited when the thrift gods bless me with a caftan, high waist jeans, or jumpsuits. I happy danced all the way to register when I found a vintage denim jumpsuit at a thrift store in Florida.

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It has some really great details. The elastic adds some cinch at the waist. There's also a faux drawstring belt. The snap front is somewhat convenient when you should have a couple cups of coffee and you're long overdue for a potty break. One tug and you're out. Because it's a jumpsuit, you're really out too. That whole naked in the bathroom is super chilly but worth it.


The only thing I didn't like about the jumpsuit is the length. The pant legs were short which I normally like but the cut wasn't quite right for me so I just did a full hem release with my trusty seam ripper. Now I have a little extra length to wear with flats or with heels.

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I'm thinking of turning them into joggers but opted for a simpler and less permanent solution right now. I just tucked them into my boots for that 70s throwback look.

vintage denim jumpsuit

It's currently for sale but I'm wearing until I sell so there's still potential for full jogger. What do you think? Jogger legs diy for this one?

vintage jeans jumpsuit romper

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What I Wore: vintage Blair Boutique jumpsuit (thrift store) - Corso Como boots (Piperlime) - ankara earrings (DIY) - lion necklace (DIY)

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