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Easy Hacks to Repurpose Old Jewelry

Like a lot of you, I am on my 'new year, new me' organization mode. My first project is getting my jewelry under control. I've accumulated quite a bit of thrift store jewelry. I've noticed a rather sizable amount going into the 'maybe' pile. These are the pieces that I never wear but I'm just not ready to get rid of yet. While organizing, I thought up a few simple repurpose hacks to get me interested in wearing the old pieces again.

easy diy hacks

Hack 1: Refashion Vintage Bracelets With Fabric
I have lots and lots of plastic bracelets that I never wear.  They're big and hang to low on my wrists.  You just have to wrap the scraps around the bracelet and tuck the end inside a fold to hold it all in place.

jewelry hacks

Now they're more colorful and fit better with the extra fabric filling in some of the space. The original tutorial for african print bracelets will explain more about how to cut the strips.

african print bracelets

Hack 2: Turn a Pin into a Necklace Charm
I love vintage pins. I buy them even though I know I won't pull them out as my go to everyday jewelry. They're so much variety and they're fun. I've seen animals, flowers, and even Michael Jackson. Pins are much more useful on necklaces.

charm necklace diy

I bought the curb chain from an online craft store but you can probably pick one up cheap at Claire's. My lion pin is my favorite vintage pin. I pinned it to the curb chain and it's much more functional.

diy statement jewelry

Hack 3: Clip-on Earrings to Embellish Shoes 
Vintage clip-ons are a hard one to resist at the thrift. They hurt my ears after a few hours and I'm always afraid I'll lose one. Yet I still continue to by them.

clip-on earrings

Use clip-on earrings to change up the look of shoes. You can clip them to the front or even the back of the shoe. It's easy to put on and easy to remove with no damage at all to the shoes. BONUS HACK: You can also convert old clip-ons to pierced post with the tutorial here.

repurpose old jewelry

Do you have any hacks for your old jewelry?

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