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DIY Ankara Button Earrings

Since cutting my hair, I have a new love of circle earrings. The ankara fabric gives a nice pop of color. I have small ones and large ones but I've found the medium size to be just right for my ears. Button covers make these earrings easy and very quick to make.

diy fabric earrings

These DIY earrings take less than 5 minutes to complete. Making a whole collection was really relaxing and super satisfying.

I have tons of ankara fabric in my stash but you can also just use old clothes or thrift store awesome Maybe you thrifted something for its awesome print but it's been sitting in your mend pile for two years. Here's a way to finally 'wear' it.

I tried the kit with leather scraps and that didn't work out well. The kit can't handle thicker fabric. My wax prints were kind of difficult to tighten too.


button cover kit
earring findings


button earrings
1. Trace and cut out your fabric circle using the provided button cover template. It's roughly double the size of the button.

diy earrings
2. Place fabric inside the clear bowl with the fabric face down. Place the button on top of the fabric push it inside of the clear bowl too. Fold the fabric edges inside and on top of the button.

3. Press the back into the button with the curved edge facing out until it pops into place. There's a click when you have it on correctly. Use the pink plunger for extra force and to seal it all together. Pop it out of the bowl.

4. Glue the earring post to the back. Allow to dry.


I know do it yourself isn't for everyone so I've added these to for $5. The Thriftanista Closet is my new online store where I'll house all of my treasures for sale and some of my diy projects! Enjoy.

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