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Best Thrift Style of 2014

I really enjoyed going back in the time machine of my analytics to find the most popular thrift style posts this year. Some are my favorites too. Others? Ick. There are even 3 pieces making a second appearance in the annual round up. Can you guess which ones? Take a look.

best thrift style 2014

thrift style in winter

Bold Prints

It seems I was all about the bold prints in winter. Perhaps overcompensating for the lack sunshine and warm weather. There wasn't much going on during those arctic temps. I had fun with the fashion. Silk brocade (a favorite from last year), vintage plaid, and a colorful floral topper all did their best to keep me warm and stylish. That sweater tucked in the pants needs a "try again" though. 

thriftanista in the city

Bright Colors

Spring ushered in bright colors. Maxi skirts started to appear. It was still rather chilly out except in Atlanta where I could show a little leg in the most perfect shirtdress ever. I was in this shirtdress when I found out we would make Atlanta our new home.

thrift fashion blogs

Dresses, Rompers & Legs

Summer arrived. I turned 40 and showed a lot more leg! I bought the cutest little dashiki dress ever from my fellow thriftanista Bettie. I wore a designer dress that I planned to sale but in the end wore it on my birthday. My DIY romper (a favorite from last year) made its annual appearance on the blog. I wish I had worn a sandal with a higher heel. I feel rather squat with the low wedge. My feet didn't bark at me though so that's good a thing.

thrift style 2014

Vintage & Ankara

Spent autumn settling into my new town. I wore a favorite vintage dress (a favorite from last year) and did not freeze my legs off. I wore vintage boots purely for fashion as cold and snow had not made it to Atlanta. I wore a DIY ankara skirt that perfectly matched the burgundy boots. 

Of course, the J. Crew denim shirt was involved. One of the best thrift scores of all time.

What are your thrift store favorites this year?



Madam Too Much said...

It is good to see all those Great outfits I missed from earlier on. Happy Holidays!

Unknown said...

Yes that black and peach designer them legs hunny! #loveit

Unknown said...

Love your style girlie.

Thrifting Diva

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