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Ankara and Chambray

I try so hard to avoid wearing my chambray shirt all the time. I wear it a lot. It's probably my most worn thrifted piece. I'm afraid of wearing it out before I can thrift another one. It really lives up to its perfect shirt name. So easy to wear. Nicely broken in and goes with everything. Of course it looks good with ankara!

j crew chambray shirt

I could seriously wear ankara prints everyday. The custom made pieces can be kinda expensive for my pockets. I love it though. I am obsessed with gorgeous images like this one and this one!

ankara skirt styles

I need to sew up some more pieces. I have tons of fabric and a dusty sewing machine. I'm still trying to organize my new craft area and it is slow going. An ankara "collection" is just the motivation I need to bump it up on my list of priorities. 

diy ankara skirt

Like most weekends, I take a break from kitchen duty and we dined out. This is what I wore and then it was back to my Netflix binge watching of American Horror Story Coven. Saturday I stayed up very very late forgetting V could care less about my wild moms night in of wine, witches, and voodoo priestesses.

african skirt fashions

As usual when I push the limits of bedtime, V woke up extra early. Never fails. I'm happy to report that I've finished the entire season though. I have no self control. It wasn't like it was going anywhere anytime soon. I had been waiting on this season forever. It was just the escape I needed after a week of unfortunate events.

How was your weekend?

wax print maxi skirt
THRIFT J. Crew shirt - leopard print skinny belt -  Barefoot Originals vintage boots DIY ankara maxi skirt GIFT necklace

***in other news***

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barefoot originals vintage boots


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