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{SAHM Style} Chunky Sweater + Stretchy Pants

First of all let me just say, I am boiling in the outfit. It's a hot December day and I decided to wear a vintage chunky knit sweater. An ugly one. It's the cute ugly I adore. It reminds me of an old cozy bathrobe. It has a knobby texture and it's sufficiently broken in as it is 80s vintage. It's soft and the weave is loose and somewhat delicate. The color was probably more vibrant back in the day but it's still a pretty blue.

sahm style chunky sweater

There's a yellow one on etsy. Seriously considering. It looks awesome in yellow. A bit more than my $2 find but not a bad price.

vintage chunky sweater

Underneath Ms. Ugly Chunk is a pussy bow blouse find from last year. One of the few thrift store Target pieces I own. If I want Target, I just shop Target. The price compared to quality usually aren't worth it at the thrift. I couldn't resist those cute little horses though. The shredding fabric is a reminder for me. Go easy on the thrift store Target.

how to wear chunky sweater

Thrift store Macy's is ok. After a long weekend of food and drank, stretchy pants are the only pants that feel right. It's so true what they say. A minute on the lips, a lifetime on the hips. These pants feel damn good. I hate stretch pants (and leggings) for the things they do to the crotch area. Cough. Camel. Cough. Toe. These are baggy in the crotch and they still look weird. Comfort won the battle though.

steve madden ankle boots

Ankle boots are new. Do you like them? I love the shape and slight heel. Plan on seeing them a lot. Well, when the temps cool down again. My feet are sweltering. 

I'm really ok with that. I'm on team tropical weather.

Do you ever wear ugly cute clothes?

macys inc stretch pants
THRIFT vintage Adam French chunky sweater -vintage Lee Sands pendant necklace - Target blouse - INC stretchy pants RETAIL Steve Madden ankle boots

***in other news***

Have you entered the 9th and elm giveaway?

leggings with ankle boots pinterest



Whitney 'Nic' James said...

Lol at "boiling in this outfit". I wish it were a bit warmer here in MD. You look so cute! I love the sweater and how you styled it is perfect!


K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy said...

I do love a good chunky sweater, especially the ones that hang off the shoulder a bit! They're really great for layering or lounge days.

Antionette Blake said...

I love how your style has evolved over the year, but miss Baby Girl's photobombing!

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