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How Fabric Softener Brought Mojo Back

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Thanks to Suavitel's new fabric softener, I got my sewing mojo back! You already know of my struggle to get back to sewing. There never seems to be enough time to squeeze in a project with all the other duties of the day plus thrifting.

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On a recent thrifting adventure. Seriously, it was an adventure.  I traveled far from my side of town for the sake of finding treasure. I picked up a few items we will explore in depth later.  On the way back, I stopped at Walmart and something different caught my eye in the laundry aisle -- the pretty pink bottles of Suavitel Fast Dry.  

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It's a fabric softener that wicks water away from fabric to help clothes dry up to 30% faster. You save on energy and time. Extra time means more time with family and friends, more time thrifting, or maybe even a jumpstart to your favorite hobby. Such is the case with me. I got my sewing mojo back!

Saturday night usually involves a movie and a load of laundry. After putting a load in, I walked past my fabric stash still in a moving box. A lovely ankara print was peeking out just begging to be worn. Because of the beautiful design, I knew it had to be a maxi skirt. 

No pockets, zippers, sewing pattern. Only a basic knowledge of sewing is needed. It's basically sewing a square to a rectangle so I knew it was something I could knock out without losing steam.

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Quick & Easy Maxi Skirt Tutorial


  • 44/45" fabric (calculate yardage by adding desired length of skirt x 2 + 3")
  • matching thread
  • 1" wide elastic (calculate length by fitting around waist + 1")
  • sewing machine


  • Cut fabric in half on the crosswise grain. Fold one of the pieces in half and cut on the lengthwise grain.
  • Sew one of the half sections to the square piece matching up seam lengths. NOTE: You will only be using one of the half pieces.
  • Make a 1 1/2" casing for the elastic. Insert elastic.
  • Turn up raw edge at bottom  and sew 1 1/2" hem. 
  • It is done.

maxi skirt tutorial #FastDrySaveTime #shop

From fabric prep to finish, I was done in about 2 hours which is exactly how much time I save in a week by using Suavitel Fast Dry. I spent less time on laundry and gained some time with my long lost hobby plus a new ankara maxi skirt. Free time that just keeps on giving!

What would you do with extra free time?

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