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Vintage Dresses and New Tresses

A fresh curl and color on my locs does something magical to me. Self care is so important. I feel shiny new yet old soul. The curl pattern reminds me of a 40s hairdo. That's why I opted to wear my vintage thrift store dress. The one that was only $1.50 at the dingiest Salvation Army I had ever been in.

You know how a thrift angel sings when you've found treasure? An entire choir sang to me when I laid eyes on this one! Despite being 100% poly, it's very silky and it just oozes femininity. I feel like a proper lady when I'm shoveling goat cheese in my mouth with a butter knife.

Some short legged people avoid tea length dresses fearing the legs will get shorter. I am not of that school of thought. When the dress is so right, I don't let "the rules" stop me from enjoying the pretty. 

Since I was in a vintage state of mind, I dove in with vintage earrings, belt, and gold metallic clutch thus breaking one of my own thrift style fashion rules. Though shalt not look like you're wearing a costume. 

I'm wearing pieces from different decades so I feel like I've broken up the vintage a bit. Wearing current style pumps helps me out too.

Do you wear vintage dresses?

THRIFT vintage dress - stretch belt - rhinestone earrings - vintage clutch RETAIL Type Z pumps

***in other news***

I really love my new Trieste Red highlights. I'm thinking about doing my entire head. If you'd like to give Madison Reed hair color a try? Use code "MRPAMPER" for 50% off.

Have you entered to win the Henri Bendel baubles, yet? Only 2 days left!

When I go all old soul, this is what my instagram bathroom selfie looks like.

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