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10 Awesome Ways to Start the New Year

I know every year feels like the year went by too fast but 2017 seems to have really flown by. I've finally accepted that it has come to an end and I am very much looking forward to a new year of possibilities. This year, I really want to focus my attention on staying organized, increasing my income and taking myself out on the town.


I've listed some of my favorite blog posts that are also idea starters that you can do today or work on for the entire year. Have fun in your planning and creating. I wish you success in whatever your endeavors are. Happy New Year!

1. Spend some time reflecting on goals and desires. Make a list of wants and wishes for the new year and create a digital vision board.

2. Add in some travel goals. Consider off the beaten path destinations like Jackson, Mississippi. Check out Savannah, GA for the period architecture and cobblestone squares. My hometown Chicago, IL is the best in summer for food, festivals, and shopping.

3. There was just too much good food and drink over the holidays. I've definitely noticed some tight waistbands. You can make some additional room in too tight skirts and dresses with tutorials found here and here.

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4. Perhaps weight loss is a goal of yours this year, here are the tips that helped me lose 25 pounds. No gym membership required. You know they're going to be super packed this month.

5. Maybe you deserve a little post holiday gift for yourself. Treat yourself to a colorful stack of african print bracelets.

6. Make a coordinating set of statement earrings with the tutorial found here.

7. It's a great time to do a little thrift shopping. All of the good merchandise comes in after the holidays. Go grab something inexpensive and fabulous to update your wardrobe.

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8. Did you get a new phone for Christmas? No worries. Old phones can benefit too. Protect the phone with a DIY wearable chain carrying case.

9. Add a trendy embellished touch to old block heels using contact paper. This is a super simple DIY and doesn't require a lot of tools.

10. Do nothing at all. Rest yourself.

What goals do you have this year?

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