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$1k Value Black Friday Thrift Haul

I made my annual Black Friday pilgrimage to the land of thrift. I ended up spending a little more than I anticipated but I am very pleased with the haul. I spent $113 but the total retail value is over $1,000. My first stop was Uptown Cheapskate where they had 30% off the entire store followed by Park Ave Thrift armed with a 50% off coupon.

black friday thrift haul

My first stop was to Uptown Cheapskate. I stopped in because of convenience. It was only a ten minute drive. The prices are higher than charity stores and they cater to a younger demographic. I ended up spending $78 largely because of the Cole Haan Boots I splurged on.

My finds at Uptown Cheapskate:

  • I have been on a classic boot quest. I wasn't even thinking about finding what I was looking for secondhand. I wanted something high quality that I could wear for many years. Boots that I'd be willing to invest an annual cobbler trip for a shine and heel cap replacement. I put these boots down because they weren't my size but I came back and tried them on. They fit when they should have been too small. Obviously, meant to be. So I went ahead and forked over the $23. That's really not a bad price. They retail $398.

thrift store finds

  • Gap ponte leggings because pull on pants are my jam.
  • Hue corduroy leggings because I thrifted the same ones in black and know Hue makes leggings that are thick and won't expose your butt in the sunlight.
  • I love it when I find things that are on my thrift list. I have tried on old school leather pants and the newer style faux leather. None of them have worked out. Until now. The quality is amazing too.  I understand why they retail $175.

thrift store clothes haul
  • I'm very proud of my abs have transformed over the last two years and I'm much more open to crop tops. I like the metallic shine of this one from Blue Blush.
  • The new with tags Illa Illa plaid tunic is soft and cozy plus it has pockets! Finding them was a nice surprise.
  • Two new bralette that were BOGO. I'm so over underwire. With breastfeeding, age, and weight loss, I'm a flat chested DD. I just want to cover the nips.
My second and final stop was Park Avenue Thrift. I cut my thrifting short this year. I've been going hard over at ASOS.com. My shopping budget has been spread thin. Also, all I could think about was getting into the yummy Thanksgiving leftovers.

I spent $32 and found:

  • Weathervane bell bottom jeans. The denim is old school with no stretch and the flare pant legs were the right length. No alteration needed I can even wear them with flats.
  • A yellow fleece jacket. The color is lovely and bright. It's a nice coat to perk up an outfit.
  • I like the way Gap jeans fit on me so finding a pair with my beloved high waist was awesome. The Thrift Gods blessed me.
  • A vintage terrycloth romper. So much to love with this one. Beautiful green color. Wood button shoulder closures. Wide legs. So what if I'll be completely naked for a trip the bathroom. 

vintage thrift
  • A brand label cut out peplum top with an interesting back detail.
  • Anthropologie brand Elevenese chambray sailor pants that I threw in the cart while waiting to check out. I did not try them on. They are too big and way too long. They are going to Poshmark.
  • Black turtlenecks are my new favorite closet staple. Apparently Theory makes turtlenecks that are over $100 and now I have one that cost me less than $2. I big puffy heart thrifting.
  • A new with tags Buffalo David Bitton tie front top. It's super cute on but it's a bear to get in and out of.  It's a a little too snug. Getting out of it is a fight. I hope to find a smaller sized Posher who will love it as much as I do.

thrift store clothes

  • The Gretchen Scott dress is another item found while waiting in line to check out. I like the vibrant orange and the life lessons listed on the label 'laugh more, gripe less, ignore critics, say yes, order dessert, love life'. It's an $89 dress for under $3. Not bad at all.
  • A white sweatshirt. It's great for when I want to throw something on fast and it has a nice bumpy texture. 
  • The Puella (Anthropologie) striped swing dress is made of the softest fabric ever. 
  • I had a very good thrift day and finding vintage culottes with pockets really capped off the Black Friday thrifting nicely.

thrift style

Did you thrift on Black Friday? What'd you get?

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