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5 Non Gross Lingerie Pieces to Thrift

I took a very unscientific Instagram stories poll asking whether or not people thrifted or wore thrift store lingerie. I was amazed to discover that 65% were a no. I follow and have a lot of thriftanista followers so I was a little shocked by the number. I guess thrifters draw the line at underthings.

I love buying secondhand lingerie for the unique vintage styles and the budget friendliness of the pieces. Lingerie also has the ability to add depth and transform the outfits you wear outside of the house. Not all thrift store lingerie is gross.

Nightgowns can be dresses. I love dainty vintage Vanity Fair style nightgowns. The one I'm wearing is pretty enough for outside wear. The skirt flares out full and twirly. I want to throw on jeans and flat and get in on the dress with jeans trend.

vintage lingerie from thrift store

Caftans are awesome and I will never say no to one. It can be a beach coverup, a casual dress, and loungewear. They are a rarity in dirt cheap thrift stores. The closest I've come to finding an affordable one is the voluminous vintage loungewear I found with the one deep side pocket.

thrift store lingerie

Slips are the closet piece you never think you'll need. I've only ever bought slips secondhand. It's not the first item I think of when filling my Amazon basket on a Friday night shopping binge. I don't wear them often but I always like to have a few in drawers. They're great for an extra layer of warmth. They can add structure and upgrade unlined cheaply made clothes.  They're perfect to wear under sheer clothing when you want to add more coverage.

thrift style slips and camisoles

Robes are also a piece that can be worn outside the home. Silky,  long and draping ones are the trend right now. Not only can you lounge indoors with it, but it can can be worn as a kimono or dress. They looks great under a simple slip dress.

Velour robes aren't so pretty for outside wear but  they will keep you toasty warm when you're the only one in the house who likes the house to feel like the tropics during the cold months. It makes a great personal heater.

Camisoles from the lingerie section are a great alternative when in need of a tank top. The thinner fabric layers well and they sometimes have better fabric and embellishments. It's a nice option when tops suffers from severe gaposis.

As long as something can be cleaned, I'm all about it. Lingerie included. If I spy a Spanx bodysuit new with tags at the thrift, I'm likely to get it. Shapewear is expensive! My line is drawn at panties though. I will buy those retail 100% of the time.

Where do you draw the line on thrift store lingerie?

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