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10 Ways to Refashion Thrift Finds For Fall

The morning chill was an unwelcome surprise this morning. I can't believe that summer is on the way out. It's time to pack up the sandals and shorts and pull out the boots and sweaters. Fall and winter are not my favorite seasons. There's all those added layers needed to stay warm. I do enjoy reconnecting with some of my favorite thrift store pieces. I like to imagine the ways I can restyle, refresh, and refashion my old clothes.

Some of my favorite diy refashion tutorials are below:

1. Upgrade a skirt by adding pockets. My pockets were my purse most of the summer. I'm going back to the big mom bag but that doesn't mean I don't want deep pockets. I'll need somewhere to warm chilly fingers.

add pockets to a skirt

2. Block heels are sturdy and perfect for leisurely autumn strolls.  Add some metallic shine to scruffy heels. Cover up nicks on heels with the simple addition of contact paper. This fun addition is changeable and removable.

3. Add color to stained whites or just change the color because color is life. All of my white clothes have some kind of stain on them. Could be coffee. Could be red wine. Could be lipstick. I never make it through the day without getting dirty. Dyeing has allowed me to hold on to some of favorite pieces a little longer. Orange is a great color for fall. 

dye a white cotton dress

4. Convert clip-on earrings to a post back. I love clip-on earrings but I'm always afraid one will fall off so I end up not wearing them. They also hurt like crazy after a few hours. Vintage earrings have so much character. A post back makes them so much more wearable (assuming you have pierced ears).

diy post back earrings

5. Sweatshirts are nice and cozy to throw on for the morning chill. I definitely want to increase my stock now that I'll be walking our newly adopted puppy. To feel less like you're wearing the same thing every day, change them up by adding a cute graphic.

6. Change old pull on pants to stylish joggers. Lounge worthy palazzo pants are abundant at the thrift. Next sale day, grab a few and turn them into jogger style pants with a little elastic.

diy jogger pants

7. Bring some coziness to your feet. Add a warming fluff of feathers to old fashioned mules and clogs.

8. Old button up shirts can be made into casual pull on tunics. Button up shirts are another thrift store staple and are usually pretty cheap. Mens shirts tend to be a higher quality with sturdier fabrics so always check the men's section. If your husband is doing a little fall closet cleaning, save the shirts for this refashion.

9. Fall is a great time to replace heel caps. Do it for the summer shoes that will be stored away and for the ones that will be in rotation for the next few months.You can replace caps yourself with hammer and pliers.

10. The same old clothes can be upgraded with simple yet bold changes. A little fabric glue and trim can make fancy epaulets on a plain old turtleneck.

shoulder trip epaulets diy

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