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3 Reasons to Thrift A Bikini Top This Summer

I do love summer when it reaches peak hotness level when you can't even fathom wearing clothes but you have to if you want to go out in public. The bikini top is just the right thrift find for the occasion. Here's why it's my new favorite:

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Abundant and cheap at the thrift.
I picked the swim top up during my last thrift haul. I liked the laser cut design. It was only a $1. I wish I had cleaned out the entire section. It's pretty barren over there. Swimwear is extremely affordable thrifted. The swimsuits and bikini bottoms are usually well used but the bikini tops are usually in far better shape with less wear.

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This heat.
Bikini tops are perfection on a hot summer day. No bra and no worries. It feels good and free. My shirt is sticking to me and drenched in sweat. It's the closest I could get to going sans clothes.

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Cute and easy styling.
Swimsuit tops come in so many fun, vibrant colors. You can wear a kimono with it if you're feeling a little shy. It's rather freeing though to just throw the top on and go.

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Instead of going with my usual cutoff shorts, I opted for playful with pineapple print high waist culottes. There's more coverage than the shorts but definitely breezier with the wide legs whipping about when I walk. The sandals are another great thrift store find. They are beautifully made. The leather is soft and supple. I adore the unique chunky striped heel. They're comfortable too.

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How are you staying cool in clothes this summer?

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What I Wore: bikini top (thrift store) - Renamed culotte pants (thredup) - Tabita Brasil sandals (thrift store) - handmade earrings (Kenya) - vintage sunglasses (thrift store)

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