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How To Create An Open Back For Too Small Top

Thrift shopping commandment states "though shall not buy clothes that do not fit". I am known for breaking that commandment over and over again. How can I resist the bright pink of this silk Robert Rodriguez top? I picked it up while thrift tripping in Austin over a year ago. Instead of tossing, I decided to upsize and refashion it by creating an open back.

how to upsize a top that's too small
I took a chance on the top because I was all in love with the color and it had that cute little shoulder detail. Nevermind about those tight sleeves and chest area. Basically, this ain't my size. I've kept it on the dark side of the closet for a year now.

refashion a thrift store top that had damage and was too small

Also, there were tiny holes in the delicate silk chiffon fabric. It could have come from the tightness or it could have come from that tumble in the washing machine. Some "dry clean only" garments make it through just fine and some do not.

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Mistakes were made but we press on. I found a way to keep the shoulder detail and keep the top somewhat the same.  I cut the teeny, damaged sleeves off and used them to make a breezy yet bra covering open back top.

makeover too small blouse by refashioning to open back

DIY Open Back Top

thrift store top preferably too small
sewing machine
matching thread

refashion a thrift store top
Instructions: [Step 1] Cut the sleeves off very close to shoulder seams. Do not cut away the finished part of the seam. That will keep the armhole shape in place should you decide not to clean up the raw edge which is what I did. [Step 2] Sew the armhole and the lower part of the sleeve closed. [Step 3] Cut the top open straight up the middle back. Use ruler for accuracy or eyeball it (my method). Fold the new center back seams in and sew to finish the raw edges. [Step 4] Pin sleeves to top edge of back pieces and sew in place. I started off with a simple bow in back but my bra was all exposed and utilitarian so I moved on to an optional final step. Criss cross the sleeves and sew the ends down right underneath the first set.

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Are you a fan of open back tops?

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