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Just A Dollar Vintage Dress

Facebook armed with all the data they have on me saw fit to suggest I like the Just A Dollar thrift store page. Not only did I like the page, I had to go check it out for myself. I wasn't expecting much for a dollar but I was pleasantly surprised. I ended up spending thirteen dollars in a haul that includes this vintage grecian style dress.

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Black dresses aren't really my thing. I would never just buy one retail. In thrift stores, they are plentiful and I usually just stroll right past them. I pulled this one from the rack because I was shocked to find true vintage and I liked all of the draping around the neckline.

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I took it to Instagram with joy and pride over the one dollar treasure. Someone commented that it looked like Dior and I was sent a picture of a Walter Plunkett dress from the 40s that has similarly flattering folds and drapes.

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My dress is neither of those designers. The label is missing but it's polyester so I know it wasn't either fashion great. It is vintage though with the ILGWU label still attached.

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I wore it with the amazing Goodwill sandals from the first spring thrift haul. They add some color to the outfit along with my jewelry pieces from Kenya.

E returned from Kenya with a ton of new goodies for me. The earrings and cuff are different patterns but the central red color ties it all together.

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Have you been to a $1 thrift store?

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What I Wore: vintage dress (thrift store) - Tabita Brasil sandals (thrift store) - handmade beaded earrings and cuff (Kenya)

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